July 2021 Prediction: Find out what’s in store for you as Numerologist Sanjay B Jumaani does July predictions

The world famous astro numerologist, Sanjay B Jumaani does predictions for the month of July. Find out what’s in store for you for this month and more.

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July 2021 Prediction: Find out what’s in store for you
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Sanjay B Jumaani is here to share with us our July predictions and what we need to look out for based on the number of our birthdate. It helps to connect with our inner selves and get to know more about what’s in store in the near future. 

Based on these predictions, one can reconnect, be mindful and try to prepare to overcome a few obstacles. So, without further ado, let us find out what these numbers say about your future in the month of July. 

Number 1 - (Those born on the 1st, 10th, 19th & 28th of any month, as well as Leos)

The top-of-the-charts is where you belong, and this month you will continue to bloom where you are planted. In simpler words, it’s your lucky month, so use it to your greatest advantage. To your surprise, an even better month awaits you post this. Perhaps, a more financially and holistically secure chapter is on the cards. You have an eye for detail, but try not to be too clinical, as your judgements could be misconstrued & backfired. In case, you’re a Leo, keep a watch on your temper; it can wash you away in this water governed period. It’s sometimes more fruitful to lay low than to blow apart.


Number 2 - (Those born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th & 29th of any month, as well as Cancerians)

Well, now’s the time to literally take the world by storm. Simply be you, I reckon! The Cancer period belongs to you. So it’s a great time for your undying efforts to come alive. If you endeavour to do so, you will achieve whatever you set your mind on. Hereon, your deeds and intentions will transpire into rock-solid achievements. You will also be remembered for the breeze of change you will bring about this month, be it at your workplace or back home. This could thus possibly be marked as a new juncture of your life. However, remember not to be sluggish and dreamy. The flip side of this month could be your dependence on people. So trust yourself and you do you.

Number 3 - (Those born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st & 30th of any month, as well as Pisceans and Sagittarians)

Practicality comes at a price, but not to you, as you are overly gifted. Make use of your cognitive thinking only when required though. Tone it down a notch to embrace the emotional side this period will bring in. Leave your work aside (if the situation permits) and seize the day. Sometimes it pays to be flawed to the degree of consideration. After all, we’re human. So be a human first and then a number 3. Having said that, you may have to work harder now to taste the sweet nectar of your labour in the coming months.

Number 4 - (Those born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd & 31st of any month, as well as Leos)

Number 4’s are regenerative; so it’s fair to say that they usually evolve by the ticking of the clock, and can barely stay put, even so, due to the ongoing trends. Tune in to a new rhythm, because that’s what you like to do, and that’s what you’ve always done. It sure does help you revive the crux of your personality. It always seems impossible until a 4 does it! This period may have you achieve something you’ve always yearned to. Yes, the finish line is just a blink away. Nonetheless, keep a check on your blunt demeanour, as it can backfire in most probability.

Number 5 - (Those born on the 5th, 14th & 23rd of any month, as well as Geminis or Virgos)

Wake up from the hangover of your favourable previous month, and buckle yourself to see the light of a new day. Take each moment as it comes. Numerologically speaking, it isn’t one of your best months. But that should give you more reason to work smarter. To your relief, if it’s not your month, it sure is your year! (2021= 5) Hence, don’t stop the grind, and flow with the current. A note of caution - you may have to hold your nerve and stop overthinking to the point of saturation. Don’t let your mind be your own enemy.

Number 6 - (Those born on the 6th, 15th & 24th of any month, as well as Librans or Taureans)

You’re ostentatious and hard to ignore! But self-care and beauty can rest aside. Meanwhile, focus on something more concrete and substantial. Learn to strike a chord with reality, and let your daydreams slip away. Else, you could pay a hefty price for your redundancy towards realism. Don’t let your feeble state of mind take over the possibility of a brighter tomorrow. If you get going, you’ll get rid of your haunting insecurities too. Motion is your potion; one step at a time. It could be one of those moderately satisfactory months without either gain or pain.

Number 7 - (Those born on the 7th, 16th & 25th of any month, as well as Cancerians)

The road ahead is not so easy unless you have wheels on you and that you do, as the Cancer period that governs you is underway. Don’t be surprised if you achieve a remarkable feat; there’s no reason why you won’t. Indeed, it’s your lucky month, so juice it to its potential. In any case, your sublime intuitions will help you graph the line between right and wrong. To be forewarned is to be forearmed, and your mind does the warning for you. So just follow your gut! Nonetheless, don’t tense yourself with the burden of others; a happy mind is a happy soul. Engage yourself in Yoga and Pranayam to free your inner demons and hurdles. On the personal front, this month would require your attention a tad bit more. To say the least, it could be an emotionally volatile month.


Number 8 - (Those born on the 8th, 17th & 26th of any month, as well as Capricorn and Aquarians)

Given an empty canvas, you’ll paint it with all that you got. You’ll spare no effort, would do everything under the sun without a budge, and yet there may not be a sign of light on the other side of the tunnel. But then remember, fortune favours the patient! So there certainly will be

mammoth glory, only if you wait long enough for your favourable month. Also, important decisions must take a backseat however tempted you may feel as an impulsive mind can erode your illustrious ideas. However, don’t let anybody jeopardize your efforts, as this can be a vulnerable phase. On paper, it is not one of the months you can fondly look back at. One thing for sure that is in your interest this month is your endurance to the toughest of situations. Hold on tight as you do, you’ll bounce back stronger!

Number 9 - (Those born on the 9th, 18th & 27th of any month, as well as Arians and Scorpions)

Here’s your period of respite from the probable onslaught of last month. If there’s anything undone, you’ll zap through it and finish it this month. However, take the onus of your incompetence, if any. You have waited for this, and you deserve the best. You could supersede your own self this month, financially, as well as emotionally. On that note, you could see an enormous difference if you probably make an important decision, on the lines of property, relationship or shifting of work, during this favourable period, especially on dates adding to 6, i.e. 6th, 15th or 24th! And for all the Scorpions out there, to your advantage, this period is governed by the Water element too, just like you are.


While these properties are generic, all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you; your zodiacal qualities may supersede some of your primary numbers' attributes too.

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