Jupiter to combust in Aquarius on February 19: Here’s how it will affect Libra, Leo, Cancer and other signs

A combustion takes place on Jupiter on February 19, 2022. So, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist offers us insight into how it will affect your sign.

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Jupiter to combust in Aquarius on February 19
Jupiter to combust in Aquarius on February 19

In Vedic astrology, Jupiter is associated with insight and fortune. If a person has strong Jupiter, he is also bestowed with good nature and qualities. The person is also endowed financially and with abundance. When any planet comes near the sun within degrees in a particular sign conversion, it is combustion. This combustion takes place on Jupiter on February 19, 2022. So, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist offers us insight into how it will affect your sign.

Jupiter is an indicator of children, sound events, expansion, fortunes, wisdom, etc. If a person has strong Jupiter, he will be bestowed with all good qualities and nature. On the other hand, if someone possesses a weak Jupiter, then the person may not contain high attributes and may be bereft of luck. A person may be put to trial to face obstacles with a feeble Jupiter feature.


Though you make efforts, there will be barriers that can lead to dismay. Regarding your profession, you may not be too happy with it. Consequently, it would be best if you plan your work better. People in business may not reap profits during this time, and they will save less money and spend more.


Aries can experience a delay in results, and despite working hard, there might be a spat with superiors. You might get to travel, but you will most likely not be happy with it and might add up more stress in your life. You might earn well, but it will not be enough to cater to your expenses, so saving is essential. Making amends with your partner is crucial in this period.


You might begin to feel insecure as luck will not be in your favour. You can progress in your career, but you will find it challenging to complete the tasks at hand. Before investing in anything, think twice as you might not get expected results from work. You might suffer from chronic issues, and your health might not be in the best condition.


There can be health-related issues, and you need to follow diet and exercise. You may come across multiple obstacles and may fail to meet your deadlines. Your luck will not favour you, and Businessmen need to before investing in something new. You may lose some money due to negligence, so you need to be attentive. You might find it tough to save adequate money. Talking about your private life, you may have issues with your partner because of your communication skills.


You may work hard, but there will be a lack of recognition, which may cause distress for you. There is also a possibility of transferring where you work, and business people may have to halt their new projects to prevent some losses, and you may not reap profits during this period. There will be too many expenses way out of your budget about finances. Due to this, you may not be able to save much. Your health may be hit hard, so you need to stay fit.



You may face an altercation with your loved ones and a lot of workload and pressure from seniors at your workplace. People in business may experience losses and bear the brunt of expenses.


Your fortune may not be on your side this time, and despite working hard, you may not get the expected results. You may also face some association issues with your boss, which can land you in trouble. You may lose a lot of money on the financial front due to a lack of planning. You may have some misreadings with your partner.


You might ruin your reputation during this time, and there will be a lack of recognition from your superiors. You might face an altercation with your loved ones, business people will incur losses in place of profits, and some may experience issues in their marital life.


Even if you work hard, your skills will not be appreciated at your workplace. It is advised that people in business refrain from financing new projects that may not reap profits. Talking about your finances, you may not retain your income due to expenses. Also, you might experience health-related issues like headaches.


This time will be difficult for you as you may lose your job or transfer somewhere else. You have to be careful while investing money or bearing money and check your communication skills while chatting with your elders. You may have a few health-related issues for which you may have to spend some cash. Additionally, there will be some problems with your life partner, and if you do not stay calm, there will be a negative impact.


There will be problems amidst you and your seniors at your workplace, which will lead to some disputes. You need to channel your resources if you want to reap profits. Due to neglect, you may lose some money as well. You will not be able to be happy with your partner, which can be because of your stress. You may notice gaps with your family members as well. There will be some drawbacks related to your eyes and thighs on the health side.



Due to excess work, you may feel stressed, and you will also not be satisfied with your job. Business people may have to step back and think carefully because profits and losses can be based on their decisions. This can question your business stability. You may not feel too sound about your relationship with your partner. There will be some ongoing issues with your family members. You may not face any significant health-related problems, but a lack of energy will be an obstacle to staying fit.

The most important caution for the next one month will be to practice patience and do not rely on any information until one validates them on their own.

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