K Dramas VS J Dramas: Which one is better? Comment now

Updated on Jul 04, 2020 03:52 PM IST  |  9.2M
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K Dramas VS J Dramas: Which one is better? Comment now

There’s no denying that Asian cinema has gained popularity in the past few years. Korean dramas, in particular, have become famous worldwide with people watching and falling in love with different storylines and characters. People have started exploring dramas from other Asian countries as well, including Japan. Japanese dramas are as engaging as Korean dramas, but it all depends on your preference. 

From interesting storylines that give you a slice of life to the ones that keep you on the edge of your seat, both Japanese and Korean dramas have the ability to keep you hooked till the last episode. Both genres have a certain charm only drama lovers can explain. If you’re someone who loves K-dramas and J-dramas both, it can be tough to choose between the two. However, there is no harm in loving both.

That said, let’s look at why K-dramas and J-dramas are so popular. 

Korean dramas aka K-dramas

Did you know that K-dramas dates back to the 1960s? That’s right, Korean dramas started airing a long time ago when having a television was still considered a luxury. Thanks to our smartphones and a good internet connection, we have access to most of these dramas. 

Korean dramas are known for their amazing storytelling, plot-twists, beautiful setting, incredible chemistry between the leads, excellent cinematography and extraordinary screenplay. They offer so much in a short period that you can’t help but get hooked. Not just that, the background score perfectly complements the drama and the characters. Plus, there is a drama to suit every taste – from light romantic comedies to melodramas and action series, they have it all. 

But there are some limitations to what Korean dramas show. They have a few tropes that almost every K-drama has such as the fish kiss, destined childhood connection or disappointing parents. They can also be over-the-top sometimes. Well, nothing is perfect, and if you can move past such things, Korean dramas might be your favourite. 

Japanese dramas aka J-dramas 

Japanese dramas started in the 1980s. They are also known as ‘dorama’. Just like K-dramas, J-dramas also explore an array of genres from horror to romance to thriller. They are known for their well-written, brilliant and thought-provoking themes. However, J-dramas tend to focus less on romance and more on the development of the character and storyline. 

However, there are dramas like Izatura Na Kiss (Love in Tokyo) that focuses on romance along with the other aspects of the drama. They also have amazing storylines, plot-twists and more. They can be exaggerated and theatrical too. 

K-dramas VS J-dramas 

1. Korean dramas run for 16-20 episodes with some filler episodes in between., but most dramas are engaging. Japanese dramas, on the other hand, only run for 10-12 episodes where the action never slows down. 

2. Japanese dramas are mostly based on mangas, whereas, they are slowly becoming more common in Korean dramas. 

3. Korean dramas can be strict with skinship and kissing in their dramas, which is not the case with Japanese dramas. 

4. Korean romances are perfect, a fairytale vibe that people love. Japanese dramas, on the other hand, deals with real-life issues and focuses on other parts of the plot as well. 

There are many such differences between the two genres which are nearly impossible to squeeze in just one article. So, you tell us what you think of these dramas. 

Tell us which one do you prefer: K-dramas or J-dramas?


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2 weeks ago
I love K-dramas are better than j-dramas because j-stuff mean manga and manga means annoying stuff.