Kangaroo Care is for dads: Vital tips for a millennial father

Updated on Jun 16, 2021 11:20 AM IST  |  155.5K
Kangaroo Care is for dads: Vital tips for a millennial father

Congratulations! You have become a proud father now. Locking eyes with your newborn for the first time is an experience beyond words. It is indeed a memorable one. You will find yourself studying every part of your baby’s face, and reassuring her through your words, love and affection. Now, millennial fathers are equally participating in taking care of the baby. They are equally dividing the duties and responsibilities in order to create a favourable and balanced atmosphere for the baby. Fathers are playing an active role in nurturing their babies.

Here are a few guidelines for fathers when it comes to caring for the newborn:


Try to follow the new styles of parenting

Educate yourself about parenting, speak to other experienced fathers, go online and read authentic information that comes from reliable and trusted websites, learn about the benefits of breastfeeding. Get some knowledge about skin-to-skin contact that strengthens confidence towards childcare and helps you build a bond with your children. Did you know? Touching, massaging, hugging, and responding effectively to the baby’s crying helps the father to notice the changes in the baby’s appearance and behaviour. The father will be able to understand the baby in a better way.  You will know when the baby is hungry.  Encouraging kangaroo father care is a vital healthcare strategy to improve the physiological health of babies and help one become a hands-on father. Kangaroo care is gaining a lot of prominences now. Skin-to-skin contact, known popularly as kangaroo care, is placing the naked infant directly on your bare chest, skin to skin, with a blanket. New mothers and fathers can immediately start skin-to-skin contact after the birth of the baby. It increases the feeling of protectiveness when it comes to the baby and helps reduce paternal anxiety. 

Fathers can extend their support to their partner while breastfeeding

Try to create a comfortable environment for your partner at home so that she can be at ease. Be cooperative and supportive of your partner’s maternity blues and make sure that you are aware of everything related to breastfeeding. Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding when it comes to the mother and the baby. Try to support your partner in doing other household responsibilities so that she can concentrate on breastfeeding. Learn to burp or cuddle the baby after the feeding. 

Take-home message

Ensure that you act as a helping hand to your partner. You will have to discharge all your responsibilities towards the baby without fail. Try to join support groups or talk to other fathers who will guide you through the journey of parenthood. After all, taking care of a baby is not that easy. You need to be on your toes.  It is imperative to bond with your child in order to understand him/her in a better way.

About the author: Dr Prashant Moralwar is a Consultant Paediatrician at Motherhood Hospital Kharghar

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