Karwa Chauth 2020: 5 tips to distract yourself from an empty stomach

Keeping a fast is hard, so follow these tips to distract yourself and divert your attention from hunger.
Karwa Chauth 2020: 5 tips to distract yourself from an empty stomach
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Karwa Chauth holds huge significance in India and is a very auspicious and important day for Indian women. It is a celebration of marriage, during which the wife fasts for the whole day for a healthy and long life of her husband. In the evening puja, women listen to the Karwa Chauth Katha and pass earthen pots called karwas among themselves, see the moon through a sieve once the moon rises and offer water to it, then the husband gives water to his wife followed by the breaking of her fast and eating.

While staying hungry and thirsty for the whole day is the toughest part of the festival, women do it with a lot of emotion and willpower. Observing a fast is hard and it signifies the love women have for their husbands. So, here are some tips to easily go by the day without food and water and to distract yourself and be busy.

Pamper yourself

Sure you are keeping a fast for your husband, but you too deserve your due and some pampering during the day. Indulge in some relaxing ‘me’ time or go to a spa and spend the day in a soothing environment. 

Address the problems

If you are feeling dizzy or nauseous, just address it and try munching on something to keep yourself healthy and avoid getting sick.

Dress up

Wear the stunning outfit you’ve planned for the evening and do the solah shringar to distract yourself and to feel good about yourself.

Connect with other women

When you spend the day with someone who is in the same situation, you easily feel comforted. Spend the day with fellow women and do some fun stuff together to distract yourselves.

Capture those moments

Dress up and click your own pictures or call your married female friends and arrange a Karwa Chauth special photoshoot.

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Anonymous 4 months ago

My husband and I celebrated Karva Chauth together with sausage pizza! :D

Anonymous 4 months ago

Why don’t men fast for the long lives of women? Because women are dispensable..

Anonymous 4 months ago

Just eat woman. Your husband’s life is not dependant on your gut bacteria.

Anonymous 4 months ago

Yes, there is a beautiful dish pronounced Bay-Kan that is perfect to break your fast.