Karwa Chauth 2020: Colour of bangles you should wear according to your star sign

Karwa Chauth is all about dressing up and fasting for your husbands. Check out these zodiac signs and the bangles you should wear on Karwa Chauth.
Karwa Chauth 2020: Colour of bangles you should wear according to your star sign
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Karwa Chauth is a festival with age-old rituals and traditions. On this day, women wake up early in the morning to consume Sargi, the traditional meal they get from their mother-in-law. It is only after the moon sighting that they perform rituals and break their day-long fast.

Women dress up in sarees or lehengas in the evening and adorn fine jewellery, to listen to the Karwa Chauth Katha. While dressing up, women accessorise their outfits with bangles, bindi, earrings, etc. So, here is a list of the colour of bangles you should wear on Karwa Chauth, depending on your zodiac sign.

Aries - Red

Red is a bright and auspicious colour for Aries-born women for Karwa Chauth, as women of this zodiac sign are bold and energetic just like the colour red.

Taurus - Pink

Pink is a feminine colour. Wearing pink on this day will enhance their personalities and will make them look elegant and will bring them luck and positivity.

Gemini - Green

Wearing green colour bangles will be lucky for Gemini women. The day will go smoothly and the green colour will brighten up your spirits. 

Cancer  - Yellow

The colour yellow is a vibrant and festive colour. It will match the vibe of Cancerian women and will make them look auspicious and bright.

Leo - Orange

Leos have a strong personality. They have well-defined traits and are very opinionated. Orange is a strong and powerful colour just like the personality of the people of this zodiac sign.

Virgo - Golden

The most festive colour of all is golden. It is a bright and loud colour and outshines all other colours, just like Virgo women.

Libra - Blue

Librans are quiet and soft-spoken. They don’t want to be in the limelight too much but still manage to catch eyeballs. Blue is a colour that will suit Librans and will gel well with their traits.

Scorpio - Red and Maroon

Maroon is an unusual shade and is an intense colour. Scorpian women too have intense personalities and do not want to follow the predictable paths. So, wearing maroon bangles will help them be class apart and look fresh and different.

Sagittarius - Bright Yellow

Sagittarians like to experiment, but they never forget their roots and are always down-to-earth and old school. They love embracing traditions and the colour yellow will help them be adventurous with a traditional touch.

Capricorn - Turquoise

Turquoise is a unique and different colour. It is a mix of blue and green, just like Capricorn women who are a mix of practicality and emotions.

Aquarius - Purple

Aquarians are enigmatic and unique, just like the colour purple. They fit anywhere and make the place look pretty and positive in a jiffy. 

Pisces - Silver

They are creative and daydreamers. They love being in a fantasy world of their own. Silver is a colour that makes everything look magical and dreamy. So, it will suit their personality and will be lucky for them.

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