Korean Cinema: For the love of romance, THESE shows should be added to your list

If you love K pop and have a few songs in your playlist, then it's now time to explore some Korean web series. Here are some adorable Korean series that you must watch right away.
Korean Cinema: For the love of romance, THESE shows should be added to your list Korean Cinema: For the love of romance, THESE shows should be added to your list
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Movies or series sometimes depict the true state of the society, while at times they take you to surreal fantasy land. Be it a thriller or a classic rom-com, every movie/series has its own set of audience. People who love realistic content prefer watching documentaries or true events based films. While people who love popcorn entertainment and masala movies love to watch rom-com for leisure. When we talk about rom-coms, the Korean cinemas have taken the world by storm. Not only is it music, but it's adorable, toe-curling romance has become famous across the globe. 


Korean movies are equally cute, funny, disturbing and have all the elements in them. If you are planning to re-watch your favourite show, then you must consider watching these shows instead! Not only will they warm your heart and lift your mood, but you’ll be exposed to a whole different world of content. 


Here are some Korean dramas that you must binge-watch ASAP.


Something In the Rain:


The female lead falls in love with her best friend’s younger brother, but they struggle to keep their love story a secret. This movie shows us what Korean culture is all about. It's progressive, sharp and the storyline is crisp. It not only shows the culture of Korea but also throws light on how women are treated there. 


Boys Over Flowers:


This is your perfect rom-com show, and it has lots of drama to entertain you. If you are a fan of the Korean pop culture, then you cannot miss out on this show. It's a classic tale, where four rich boys are not only the most famous guys in school, but they are also the biggest bullies. One day, Geum Jan Di, a dry cleaner’s daughter joins their school and thereon begins the undoing of these boys. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? 


My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho: 


Every Korean show has a food element added to it, and this show is entirely based on it. In this show, the girl is a werewolf or gumiho, and hence you see her eating a whole lot of meat, courtesy the male lead. No, this show is not only about food, but there's also an exciting twist to the story, for that you need to watch this show ASAP. 


What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?


It is one of the most dramatic and popular Korean shows. Demanding industrialist Young-Joon takes his efficient secretary, Mi-so, for granted and thinks she will always be around to clean up after him. And to make him realise that he cannot function without her, she decided to quit. The show starts on a slow note, but once you are into it, you cannot stop. 


12 Years Promise:


If romance is your thing, then you are going to love this one. High-school lovers Jang Guk and Yu Jun-su sleep together right before their school ends, and Guk ends up pregnant. Then, Guk has an accident and miscarriage. Incidents unfold, and they get separated by time. However, they meet again after 12 years and a new drama and love angle begins from here.

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