THIS lazy girl's guide to keeping fit will do wondrous things to your body and keep you in shape

The thought of running every morning or heading to the gym bumming you out? Follow these simple methods to keep fit throughout!
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How many of us are actually following our new year resolutions? Or, who all are still going to the gym to get rid of those extra pounds? Having a resolution is all fun and games until you actually have to live up to them. In between work and getting enough sleep, there is almost no time left to exercise. And when the time actually comes, it is either too hot or too cold outside or the gym membership is just too expensive. 

The truth of the matter is trying to keep fit is not easy. To make things easier, here is a relatively easy guide on how to keep fit even when you seem to have no time on your hands. 

Stand up for an hour
Instead of changing your seating position every time your legs get cramped, stand up for an hour every two hours. If you are too tired, take a small walk - go to the toilet, get some coffee, and then if you are still tired, sit. 


Every day, try to do the basic and walk for at least 20 minutes. Instead of taking a taxi or rickshaw to the nearest train station, walk there. There is no need to even brisk walk and break a sweat and mess up your make-up. A normal steady-paced walk will do the trick. 

Shut down
For an entire day, get rid of all forms of technology and just "be". Keeping fit is not all about exercise. Technology has an immense impact on our health and when we always feel the need to be updated. Switch them off and watch your health improve almost instantly when you indulge in other hobbies other than refreshing your Instagram feed. 


One of the most comfortable and simple places to work out, make your bed your best friend. Stretch all you can once you wake up and then begin: sit in the middle of your bed and keep your legs as far apart as possible and imagine yourself doing splits. 

Don't leave home

There are multiple simple workout videos available on YouTube that can be accessed at any time. Take advantage of this and try to squeeze in simple techniques like planks, even on your days off, too see results. 

Take exercise breaks

While watching your favourite tv show, once every episode ends or during every commercial break squeeze in a small and simple workout like skipping or jogging, until the show resumes. This will help avoid your body from cramping and keep you fit at the same time. A win-win situation, we think!

Child squats
Ever seen young kids squatting for a long duration while playing? Does it look like they are working out? Try to imitate them and watch your flexibility increase immensely. This position of sitting is super beneficial for your back and hips in the long run and will save you from that extra expense of those surgeries. 

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