Leo to Aquarius: 4 Zodiac signs that are too aggressive in bed

This write-up helps you discover some zodiac signs who are aggressive in bed.

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Zodiac signs that are too aggressive in bed
Zodiac signs that are too aggressive in bed

While playing coy is a trait native to certain zodiac signs, there are others who are headstrong and very firm about what they seek in the bedroom. Be it rough love or power games, you can trust these signs to be a bit too aggressive when they fornicate. While certain partners enjoy this side of theirs, there are those who detest it and promptly compel them to change their strategy. So, take a look at signs who are aggressive in bed-


Ever the inventors of all things kinky, you can trust this fire sign to always keep the spark alive in the bedroom. However, they may often be over-eager to forge ahead with new notions they wish to experiment with even though it may not always be something their partner wants to do. Their impulsive and aggressive nature often makes them excellent negotiators but their partners may feel as though they are wheedled into agreeing to new adventures in the boudoir.


Leo is one sign who will not take kindly to being told that they are not good in bed or aren’t pleasing their partners. They tend to think first of themselves and have little care for how their partner is feeling when it comes to intimacy. Be it foreplay or even fornication, their tendency to put themselves first makes them an aggressive and less than ideal lover.

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Aquarius may be a bit over enthusiastic but you can never accuse these individuals or ignoring their partner’s comfort or consent. Always keen on consensual relations, they do tend to go overboard when trying new things and hence can come off aggressive in bed.


Mutual love or lust are both good reasons for igniting a courtship or even intimacy. But some Scorpions tend to use rough sex to castigate their partners for indiscretions. Using passion as a power play can be destructive even emotionally and physically for the other person and has no place in the bedroom.

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Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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