Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Libra: The BEST way to decorate your house according to your zodiac sign

Styling or redesigning your home? Do it according to the stars! Read on to know what to incorporate in your house according to your sign.
Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Libra: The BEST way to decorate your house according to your zodiac signLeo, Aquarius, Virgo, Libra: The BEST way to decorate your house according to your zodiac sign
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If astrology can tell you what lies ahead in your day, it sure can tell you what you need to add in your house or personal space, to make it more appealing and more like home to you. There are key characteristics according to your personality which will make your home more like home. 


You are reserved and have a quite side to yourself. You love peace and the idea of regrouping while spending time in between nature. If you are doing up your home, considering adding a small garden so you can relax and rejuvenate. 


You find peace in mellow and light shades and eclectic decorative pieces. Embrace your intuition when you are decorating your new space - add things like paintings, statement lamp shades, smaller chandeliers, etc. and make the space as unique as you are. 


You love to seek adventure in the form of travel, sports and more competitive things. Hence, you will tend to have a lot of memories from these experiences, You should have one decorative wall where you can put up all your favourite memories into rich frames. Let this be the main wall in your living room so it can start off fun discussions and strike up new travel plans. 


Your home will be incomplete without earthy and comfortable elements. Large throws in muted colours and textured accents are sure to add character to your home. You also have a green thumb so indulge in your favourite past time - gardening. Add small succulents inside the house if you can't get a full-fledged garden. 


If there is one thing you love doing, it is learning! Invest in plenty of bookcases for each room of the house that will incorporate some aspect of reading into your daily life. But ensure you keep things neutral and avoid drama by keeping the walls neutral shades. 


For a more open and welcoming environment you want to offer in your home, opt for  a clean pure white hue inside your home. Also install small shelves in different corners so you can put on display your most sentimental pieces. 


You are extremely into warm and spacious places so consider installing a fireplace in your living room or a welcoming centrepiece. You should also invest in modern furniture to match your expensive taste. Think sleek lines and stylish patterns that match your ideas. 


When it comes to picking a colour palette for your home, think earthy tones like dark green, browns and whites. You are also extremely organised so in the beginning stages itself, create or assign spaces for each activity. A play room where no gadgets are allowed. a work station, a tv room, etc. make for the perfect patterns to follow. 


You love to socialise and your home needs to showcase that. Ensure your home has a designated space for social activities and can accomodate guests. Pick out soothing shades for your home so that it is soothing enough and not intimidating to all the guests you plan on having.  


You love your sophesticated decor. Deep reds and orange hues at home along with geometric and intricate home decor like lights, chandeliers and paintings, will ensure your house feels more like home. 


You are a very outdoorsy person and love to be surrounded by nature. Incorporate living plants in your daily space and it will brighten up every day. You also love to travel and have likely collected souvenirs from your travels. lay them around the house to show off your adventures and re live them over and over!


Nothing makes you happier than amazing and high-quality furniture. Don't be afraid to splurge a little to ensure your home matches your no-nonesens attitude with the fine and sturdy furniture. For a polished and classic vibe, think wooden floors, dark and deep finishing, plain walls and more. , 

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