Leo to Aries: 4 Zodiac signs who like to play by the rules

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Zodiac signs who play by the rules
Leo to Aries: 4 Zodiac signs who like to play by the rules

There are free-spirited people, and then there are people who play by the rules. There’s nothing wrong in being either of the two, just that the latter can sometimes miss on the fun-filled moments of life.

If you wonder, what makes you always play by the rules every time, apart from genetics, astrology can have a role to play in it, too.

Here are 4 zodiac signs that always like to play by the rules, according to astrology.


These attention-seekers kings and queens always play by the rules. There can be times when they see other people not doing so and still succeeding but this won’t change their mindset. Moreover, it makes them uncomfortable. Be it an office meeting or college presentation, they are the people who will always be guided by a set of rules. They feel content and disciplined in doing so.

Leo zodiac sign


Cancers, too, like to play by the rules. They not only themselves do so but encourage others to do the same. These soft-spoken people believe in a fair game and a fair chance. It is the rules, for them, that help them to do so.

Cancer zodiac sign


A Taurus also plays by the rules. He or she will never find out a loophole and will do so as guided. This gives them satisfaction in work and this is, probably, why they are the apples of their teacher’s eyes and the best worker of a workplace.

Taurus zodiac sign


An Aries, just like the other three zodiac signs, also plays by the rules. They want to be tagged as the most disciplined of all and this urge makes them do everything as told. They don’t believe in taking a chance and ending up spoiling all their effort. Instead, they would go by the book and seek perfection, even if it means missing on all the fun.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.

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