Leo, Aries, Libra: Zodiac signs who are the BIGGEST flirts of all 

For some people, flirting comes naturally. These are the six signs who are extremely charming and are huge flirts. 
Leo, Aries, Libra: Zodiac signs who are the BIGGEST flirts of all 
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For many, flirting comes with an objective. The end result is either dating the person or hooking up with them. But for many, flirting doesn't mean anything. It just comes naturally to them. Some people are just charming and very good at flirting, making them difficult to resist. They always seem to know the right things to say and do. These people are subtle about it and may not even fully realise they are flirting with you! 
These 6 zodiac signs have mastered the art of flirting and are the biggest flirts of them all. 


Very friendly by nature they know how to maintain eye contact, the right way to tease and compliment a person. They do it so effortlessly that it doesn't seem forced at all and rather makes the other person feel special. They are also extremely confident which is an additional boost to their personality. 


Social, funny and friendly, Geminis always seem to know the right things to say to others. When they compliment somebody they sound sincere. They are also genuinely interested in other people. If you are noticed by a Gemini, you feel like the popular kid at school because that's what having their attention seems like!


Fun, adventurous and extremely lively, Aries are the sign that everybody wants to hangout with. They have no problem in making the first move, are confident, spontaneous and never really lose at anything. They also don't overthink situations and always go get what they want. 


They love going to new places and meeting new people. Flirting is part of their personality and is not forced at all. They are approachable, fun and make sure you know that they are interested when they are! 


Librans know how to be subtle when it comes to flirting. They tend to smile a lot, play with their hair, sweet, talk and are friendly and very charming. They know how to make people feel special with their humour and have mastered the art of flattery as well! 


It is hard to resist Scorpios, especially when they are flirting. They are attractive, sexual and mysterious at the same time while not revealing too much. They are intense and know all the techniques of showing you how much they like and want you. They draw people in and know how to keep them interested. 

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Anonymous 8 months ago

People know when they're flirting with someone,,,they not going home tell there special friend what they being doing all day with a stranger,,etc.