Leo, Gemini, Aquarius: THIS is your favourite cuisine based on zodiac sign

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Leo, Gemini, Aquarius: THIS is your favourite cuisine

Next time you’re going on a date with your partner, be sure to know their zodiac sign as it might just help you to choose the right restaurant for dinner. Astrology tells a lot about your personality traits, and your food preferences as well. It is one way to find out the favourite cuisine based on the zodiac sign. 

Here are 3 zodiac signs and their favourite cuisine.


This zodiac sign is all about seafood. They love brothy and soupy bowls. So, Laksa bowls, seafood hot pots, or prawn curries are a favourite. Among others, they love comfort food like South Indian dishes that may include Dosa sambhar and Lemon rice.


This zodiac sign is all about experimenting with food. They are big foodies and they love to explore their tastebuds. However, a favourite type of cuisine for Gemini would be anything made with natural ingredients. They prefer a plant based diet with more of salads. Gemini loves gorging on salads and they prefer keeping their diet lean and balanced. 


This zodiac sign is the one for flavours. They love Mexican food and would absolutely love to gorge on Tacos and burritos. They love chicken tacos more specifically and love the flavour profile of Mexican food. So, a Mexican takeout would be the perfect order for this zodiac sign.

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