Leo to Scorpio: 4 Zodiac signs who have ego issues

Here is a list of zodiac signs who have ego issues as per astrology.

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Zodiac signs who have ego issues
Leo to Scorpio: 4 Zodiac signs who have ego issues

Does that small feedback by a colleague or boss offends you? Are you unable to handle criticism and are often left agitated if somebody criticises you? If the answer is yes, you might be suffering from ego issues.

While many of us are egoistic, we prefer to keep that suppressed. But people with ego issues are often fuming with anger and not ready to accept their mistakes because it is something that will hurt their egos. If you are wondering what makes some people so egoistic, astrology might have a role to play in it.

Here are 4 zodiac signs who have ego issues, according to astrology.


It goes without saying that most of the Leos have ego issues. And it comes from the fact that they know they are talented of the lot. While they can be right most of the time, their ego issues might hamper their listening skills. Their ego issues are a result of their over-confidence and this might make other people think of them as arrogant and egoistic people.


Pisces are also people with ego issues. They are unable to take criticism and often snap at people for showing them the right way. They learn from their mistakes but are never open to any advice. They will prefer suffering a loss rather than listening to feedback and working on it.


Capricorns are, undoubtedly, talented people. But this trait of them makes them suffer from ego issues. They are bad listeners and worst takers of healthy criticism. They want to make people believe whatever they are doing is right and can’t be done in any other way. They won’t think of an alternative route, no matter how risky or tough is the first one.


Scorpios have the biggest ego issues. They are strong believers of the fact that they can’t go wrong and their intuitions are there to help. Be it an office presentation or a meeting, they won’t agree with any feedback a person has to share. They won’t accept their mistakes and will never accept criticism even if it’s for their betterment.

Disclaimer: While these attributes are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiacal qualities; all the above traits may not necessarily hold true for you.


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Nov 13, 2022
As an Aries Rising, I am actually very surprised to not see Aries on this List. It’s a very known FACT that we have big Ego-issues. Whoever writes these is either very biased and sadistic against a certain sign that is on every bad article *Cough (Scorpio) *Cough* OR they are truly unknowledgeable about characteristics of all the Zodiac Signs and should PROBABLY not be allowed to post this Garbage on ANY website lol 😂
Nov 13, 2022
Whoever writes these untrue and completely biased against THE SAME signs in every stupid little “These 4 Zodiac Signs have the WORST”-.BS illiterate articles on here!! I’m a Virgo, but even I almost IMMEDIATELY noticed that whoever writes this childish crap is ALWAYS putting SCORPIO in EVERY SINGLE one of “these signs are the WORST ” BS articles they put out EVERY SINGLE TIME! These are obviously written by someone who got badly STUNG by a Scorpio and is still pathetically BITTER about it and can’t get over the Scorpio Stinger they received, because YOU were the one who betrayed them, lied to them or deeply hurt them in some way. Scorpios don’t just go around stinging everyone for no reason (UNLESS they are still very very young & have not evolved yet) which is quite rare actually, as most Scorpio evolve VERY EARLY in life and are much further advanced mentally than most kids twice their age. How do I know all of this about Scorpio’s, even though I’m not one myself??? 1. My Mother and my beautiful Fiancé whom I both love dearly with all my Heart, happen to both be Scorpios and they are both the most beautiful beings inside and out that you’ll ever meet. I also have 2 best friends who are Scorpio and the other is a Sagittarius/Scorpio Cusp who are the 2 most loyal friends I’ve had since early childhood and whom I’m still friends with 30 yrs later now at age 32, 98 % of my other childhood “Friends” have vanished or just barely greet me on the rare occasions when I run into them in town; Whoever writes this Garbage needs to truly go within and actually should go fix whatever they OBVIOUSLY need to heal from and should deal with those issues IMMEDIATELY-like YESTERDAY!!! Sorry, just my 2 cents and I hate to see ANY sign put down and believe we should be better than that and understand that just merely being a certain sign doesn’t mean jacksh*t! You need to learn and study your ENTIRE astrological chart to truly understand why you are the way you are. You can l