Leo Season 2020: THESE are the best things to do in this season as per your zodiac sign

Leo season officially kickstarted on July 22 and with that, there is an influx of several energies and changes that will impact, mostly in a positive way, to all the zodiac signs.
People,zodiac,astrology,Leo Season 2020Leo Season 2020: THESE are the best things to do in this season as per your zodiac sign

If you are an avid astrology follower, then you must be aware that the zodiac season of Leo has started. For the unversed, it kicked off on July 23 and will end on August 22 and will pave the way for Virgo season. Unlike cancer season, zodiac signs don't have to face bad effects of this new season and apparently it is the best time to do and live your life. So, yes you can consider August as the transformation month. You can start off or continue from where you left your journey of self-care, fitness, love or anything that you have been waiting for.

In this season, you can be your real version unapologetically, push the boundaries, fears and unleash your inner wild side. In short, the time is ripe for you to do what you have always wanted to do. Each zodiac sign will behave and embrace the season as per their own way.  The lion will push some signs more than others and help some to find inner peace. Let's find out what are the best things you should do during the Leo season as per your zodiac signs.

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In this new season, Aries should do want they have been thinking or what excites them or not what others expect you to do. Explore your creative side, get out of your comfort zone, do spontaneous activities. Travel to the place where you never been to and discover the other side of a wonderful life.


People of this zodiac sign should celebrate your successes as you have worked hard all this while so this is the time to party. You can gather and meet your close pals and family members and party like there is no tomorrow. In short, celebrate everything you have worked hard so far.


Are you looking for new career opportunities? Then this season is the best time for you. So, send that dream job application now. You may also receive new promotions. Also, this is the time to network with people across social media and make connections with new people.


You don't have to be ashamed of things that you love and dare to show them off. If you wanted to buy that dream car of yours, this is the time to buy that dream purchase from the money that you have been saving. Also, in this season enjoy the things that you love and cherish.


This is your season and so celebrate every day of it and shine on. Only good and amazing things will happen to you so embrace everything with positivity. You have always been a go-getter, so go all out, do what makes you happy.


This is the right time to forgive those who have wronged you and apologise to those to whom you have hurt all this while and don't worry they will accept your apologies. Your soul will finally heal up and all your close pals will be back in your life. So cherish and mend all the new as well old, replenishing bonds. 


This is time to have some good ol' fun. So, let your self loose and make those some social interactions as you need them. Let your inner wild child come out.


You should be vocal about your struggles as well as your accomplishments as everyone needs to know about the hard work you have been doing this year. So, don't let your self corner up like this the time to enjoy your successes. You will also feel liberated both mentally and physically. 


You have to start looking from within and speak with your heart. Also, make sure to expand your perspectives. You have to stop fearing from speaking the truth. Hone your skills, make sure you are heading towards your future goals and continue to grow.


You can help out to those who have been helping you all this while. You can also contribute to local charities and shelters as well. Spead happiness to those who may need some of it in these trying times. 


This is the time to cheer up, invest in yourself, heal your broken heart. Also, it is important for you to understand the love language. 


You always wanted to lead a healthy life as you have always been stressed up. And during this Leo season, you will be able to take care of both physical and mental health. So, do any form of physical activity and become more confident. 

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