Leo to Aries: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Call Their Ex to Apologize Years After Realizing Their Mistake

Some star signs don’t always recognize who is at fault in their lover’s spat. But they humbly offer their ex an apology years later on realizing their mistake.

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Zodiac Signs Who Call Their Ex to Apologize Years After Realizing Their Mistake
Zodiac Signs Who Call Their Ex to Apologize Years After Realizing Their Mistake

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Whenever we see that we have erred in life, it's common practice to send an email or text message to the individual we hurt and make amends for our actions. Well, people born under some zodiac signs often grasp the gravity of the situation years after they made a mistake. In romantic relationships, they remain unconvinced that they’re at fault for certain situations. But years later, when the realization hits, they recognize their mistake. As a result, they tend to call up their ex and rehash the past and ensure everyone is on the same page. This is how they assuage their guilt and ultimately apologize to the ex-lover. Take a look at who these zodiac signs are:

1.       Aries

Whenever there is a passionate disagreement between two lovers, this feisty fire sign may find it difficult to keep calm. They often believe they have a valid point of view in the circumstance, regardless of what the other person thinks. Since they are ruled by Mars, Aries may be tempted to take a defensive stance rather than apologize for their errors right away. This sometimes causes distance in the relationship and may even end the union. In such cases, Aries tend to move on swiftly, too, as they are not prone to harboring grudges. However, once it strikes them that the mistake was their own, they accept the consequences of their actions. This is when they're likely to ring up their ex even if it is years after the spat to apologize in a short, sweet, and to-the-point manner.

2.       Cancer

Many people believe that because water signs have a strong empathic streak, they can instantly know when they have messed up. However, this is not always the case. When any argument between a couple ensues, Crabs are likely to feel hurt over the harsh words their bae have uttered. So, they are likely to retreat into their shell to soothe themselves. Their reclusiveness may even cause them to terminate the relationship. But they're good communicators all the way, and that shows in the way they eventually step up and apologize. Cancers would want to send their ex a peace offering such as white lilies or a box of donuts. And when their ex-lover receives their delivery, Cancer is likely to call them to speak of their side of things. 

3.       Leo

Leos are stereotyped as being proud, and while this is sometimes exaggerated, they often avoid conflicts with their mate. This is because they are choosing to stay silent and end the relationship rather than own up to their follies. However, they slowly mature over time. And if they realize they've wounded their past flame, they're quick to reach out to their ex to apologize in a genuine, emotional way. Apologizing may take a few months or even years, but their ultimate aim is for everyone to have complete clarity on the situation and to move on. While it is often too late to repair the damage caused to their romance, Leo is nevertheless humble and wishes to make amends. This reiterates the fact that Lions are devoted and caring people who will go out of their way not to hurt someone in the same manner twice! This sometimes improves their chances of getting back together with their ex-lover in the future.


4.       Virgo

This earth sign is proficient in their work and compassionate in their personal life. Yet, Virgo sometimes finds it hard to see things from their partner’s perspective at times. They may see an unfortunate love situation as their partner’s mistake rather than chalking it up to poor timing or bad luck that ended their relationship. They would merrily go through life without realizing that they lost someone who adored them. Yet, going through various ups and downs in life often changes a Virgo by giving them more context on things. When they get this clarity, Virgo would hastily call their ex, even if it is midnight, to share the entire story of what happened from their standpoint. They will also elaborate on why they went wrong and what remedies they have for their conduct.

All the aforementioned zodiac signs value maintaining peace far too much to allow a quarrel to linger forever. So, they almost certainly resolve to do better by their ex in the future as soon as they recognize their folly!

Disclaimer: These attributes are generic and may not necessarily hold true for you.

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