Leo to Gemini: 4 Zodiac Signs Who May Be Stuck in Volatile Marriages They Wish to Leave

Some zodiac signs get stuck in volatile marriages, and it's not ideal to do so. They must instead question whether their spouses truly add value to their lives.

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Leo to Gemini: 4 Zodiac Signs Who May Be Stuck in Volatile Marriages They Wish to Leave
Leo to Gemini: 4 Zodiac Signs Who May Be Stuck in Volatile Marriages They Wish to Leave

When great love stories translate into marriages, there sometimes comes a point where the lofty expectations start to fall apart, and the deeper flaws become apparent. Some people notice that their partners have deep-set issues that ruin their relationship. And unless they can start to identify them and modify the behavior, couples who consistently treat one another with contempt have a minimal chance of effectively healing their relationship. 

They may have passed the point of no return if they cannot recognize their partner's positive traits, such as their excellence as a parent, friend, or professional, regardless of marital problems. Hence, the following zodiac signs may feel as though they are in volatile marriages they wish they had the strength to leave.

1.       Leo

In an ideal marriage, Leo feels a deep admiration, dedication, and friendship for their spouse, long after the rose-tinted glasses have worn off. But in reality, many of them experience an imbalance in the relationship, where Leo’s partner consistently makes decisions without lovingly and fully considering the fire sign’s perspective. This control may be overt and take the form of restricting access to money or financial information, requesting access to Leo’s phone or private messages, or choosing who the fire sign can and cannot have contact with. But when it progresses to a level where their mate is being unhelpful by refusing to babysit despite a vital job interview for Leo or accusing them of cheating, they might reconsider being married to them. This and indicators of emotional abuse are warning signs that make them consider leaving their mate.

2.       Gemini

Gemini finds that they cannot deal with a spouse who has anger issues. Hence, they may wish to leave a partner who constantly puts them down. They may first bring up the problems that their partner's actions have directly caused, especially if they involve harsh criticism, shaming, or downplaying your feelings or experiences. Gemini would make a firm and direct demand that it stop. But physical or emotional violence from their spouse is also the reason why Gemini may deem their marriage too volatile.

3.       Libra

The docile nature of many Librans ensures that many of them are rarely encouraged to express their needs, wants, and viewpoints in the marriage. Any reasonable attempt to express Libra’s true desires may be dismissed, minimized, or mocked by their partner. This may make them wish to leave their spouse. In such cases, they try to lessen their partner's toxic impact on their lives. They would try a silent breakfast, for instance, if their bae’s constant complaints make it difficult for them to enjoy their morning. They would even place the cell phone in another room if it would tempt them to discuss their day with their companion instead of leaving the marriage.


4.       Aries

Aries knows that a healthy marriage is where decisions are made equally, mutually, and with respect for both sides. After all, both partners should be able to shape the other's viewpoint in a healthy relationship, and both should be willing to be securely influenced by the other. But they may experience that their mate frequently dreads being outdone or left behind by Aries, so their partners are a tad combative. Shortly after the honeymoon phase, their red-hot romance may start to cool off as the endorphin rush subsides. This is when Aries may often notice that they are being chastised or subjected to poisonous language that makes them lose their charisma and their momentum and eventually want to give up on their marriage.

When your resolve is weakened by your spouse, it can be challenging to concentrate on exiting the marriage without distractions. After all, separating from a toxic partner isn’t easy despite how simple it may sound. A little diversion might calm your racing thoughts when you're angry or unhappy before you settle down and examine your true feelings.

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