Leo to Sagittarius: 4 Zodiac Signs Who Constantly Pick Faults in Their Relationships

Pointing out faults in your better half can take a toll on the confidence of your partner. This kind of behavior can further lead to quarrels and breakups.

Published on Mar 24, 2023   |  05:05 PM IST  |  172.2K
Zodiac Signs Who Constantly Pick Faults in Their Relationships
Zodiac Signs Who Constantly Pick Faults in Their Relationships

When you are in a love commitment, assessing the personality of your partner comes with a learning curve. You cannot analyze their nature overnight. Most of the time, many partners conceal the things that bother them, but with a gradual course of time, you happen to figure it all out. But some lovers just can’t keep quiet and constantly pick errors in their lovers, all the time (right from the beginning of the relationship). Being brutally truthful and candid, their direct conveying approach hurts their companion, leaving them miserable. 

Take a look at star signs who are always pointing out errors in their relationships.

1. Leo

Leo-born people are the ones who want to become the center of attention in their relationships. Consequently, they try to exhibit themselves as someone who knows it all, so they generously offer their partner advice all the time. People born under this zodiac sign are super quick to discover the faults in their beloved and try to overcome them by providing solutions.

2. Virgo

Given their perfectionism, Virgos are a pro in pointing out errors in their relationships. Their witty brains tend to analyze the nature of their partner as soon as they meet them. After that, their arrogant bragging comes along. They will annoy their better half by giving thousands of solutions to them on how to become faultless.

3. Scorpio

Their nature to make their spouse feel diminutive in front of them is what inspires them to point out slip-ups in the personality of their partner. Using words of criticism is their way to make their partner feel less worthy. Their repetitive usage of cruel verses decreases the self-esteem of their partner, dragging them far away from the Scorpions.

4. Sagittarius

This magnificent observer on the zodiacal wheel is an expert in analyzing the demeanor of their partner in a very short period. They can see through the falsities and turn out to be entirely straightforward about it. Listening to complaints and disapproval all the time makes their partner feel annoyed.

Everyone has their fair share of flaws, and no one in this world is perfect. If your partner is meticulous and hypercritical about your errors, then it’s time to confront and be direct with your spouse. Make them understand that such a negative disposition is not helping and only hampering their self-esteem.

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