Leo, Virgo, Aries, Taurus: The one fear that keeps you up at night based on your Zodiac sign

Everybody has an ingrained fear be it death or even something as simple and silly as ghosts. Here is what yours is. 
Leo, Virgo, Aries, Taurus: The one fear that keeps you up at night based on your Zodiac sign
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Every person, no matter how old or young has something they fear. It can be on surface level or can go so deep that it keeps one up at night, not allowing them to sleep, eat, drink or even function properly. It is imbibed and instilled in them to such an extent that they stop functioning normally because it is so deep. But this does not apply to everybody and is variable. 

Check out the one thing you fear the most, based on your zodiac sign. This also keeps you up at night. 


You biggest fear is that you will never have the complete and honest answer. You spend nights awake wondering and going around the decision you just made, wondering if it was the fight thing to do. 


Your need for stability overrules everything else. What keeps you up at night is that you want everything to be stable - your personal life, your work life and everything else in between needs to be perfect for you to function normally.


You absolutely hate being forced into a situation. You lose sleep when you are feeling trapped and start feeling like things have begun to get too repetitive. If you are in a rut, you will worry so much that you don't sleep - literally!


If you go for too long without interaction with somebody you like, it could cause you to take a stop. An overthinker, you end up thinking you made a mistake to cause this and begin to feel extremely lonely. 


You are used to made to feel important and are constantly validated. When you stop receiving this validation, you begin to worry a little and wonder if people like you at all!


You are an excellent person to work with but always end up second guessing yourself. Once you send something out, you end up staying up worrying about whether it was fine or not and how you put the point across. 


You fixate on things way too much. You are constantly worrying about every single situation - replaying everything that happened over and over again in your mind, keeping you up till wee hours in the night. You may seem calm on the outside but on the inside, it is like a train that is chugging along non-stop. 


You worry about how much you have opened up to somebody. You don't like being too honest and open and prefer to hide away from the world. When you do reveal too much about yourself, you worry too much. 


You get tensed when you realise that you have lost control or are losing control of your life. You constantly need to be sure that the control lies with you and that your freedom and liberty to do your things your way, is still intact. 


Your biggest fear is that you are never going to succeed and this is what keeps you up at night. You are constantly worrying about whether or not you are meeting the standards, that you are not good enough and more. 


You constantly need attention. You need to know that the people around you care about you and are taking care of you. You also constantly need to be sure that you are making a difference in people's lives. When you don't get this validation, you get riled up and are unable to sleep.   


You constantly need to be reassured that your work and everything that you are doing is being appreciated by other people. If you ever feel suppressed of unappreciated, it keeps you up at night and makes you worry. 

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