Leo, Virgo, Libra, Gemini: The BEST lipstick colour for you according to your zodiac sign

On National Lipstick Day, read on to know which lipstick suits you best, according to your zodiac sign.
People,horoscope,zodiac sign,astrologyLeo, Virgo, Libra, Gemini: The BEST lipstick colour for you according to your zodiac sign
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Lipsticks are like shoes - you can never have just one! Choosing the right lipstick shade to match your personality and skin tone, is not the easiest task. But ever thought you'd be able to find a lipstick that would match your zodiac sign? Think again! 

Our stars can tell everything from our personalities, traits and leave hints on what's best for us. Read on to know which lipstick best suits you, according to your zodiac sign. 

Aries - Fiery Red

You are passionate, fiery and confident and nothing describes you better than the colour red. A dash of red on your lips everyday is sure to leave you grinning and boost your confidence. It is also perfect for that streak of anger you have in you!

Taurus - Nude 

As an Earth sign, you are extremely reliable on but mysterious and loyal at the same time. Nothing better than an earthy nudey shade for you since you prefer the to look more classy and dabbling with the latest trends is not really your style. You prefer to tone down your lips to match your personality. 

Gemini - Candy Pink

You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve and are extremely affectionate and caring. It can be worn as an almost there lip stain or a deeper version - to match both your personalities! 

Cancer - Purple

You know what you want and aren't afraid to go get it. Making a statement with anything you do or wear, comes easy to you which is why Purple makes for the best colour! You seek stability but you are also extremely emotional and are driven by it. 

Leo - Orange

You love when all the attention is on you and have an energy as bright and bold as the sun. Orange lips are going to ensure that you stand out and will be sure to match your energetic and bright personality. This majestic colour will do complete justice to you, Leo. 

Virgo - Rose Pink

You are the most dignified and conservative of the signs. You prefer the most simple things in life, such as pink lips. It is perfect for everything from a long work day to a night out and gives out quite a sophisticated vibe which is what you radiate. 

Libra - Peach

You are all about finding the right balance and are the perfect mix of a feminine and free woman. A Peachy shade of lipstick ensures you exude the perfect amount of elegance and give off an innocent yet approachable vibe, which is exactly what you aim for. 

Scorpio - Plum

You are the most sensuous in the entire zodiac sign and usually oscillate between being aggressive on the inside while being extremely calm on the outside. The perfect shade for your personality, is a plum colour which can be extremely intense but fierce as well. 

Sagittarius - Coral/Tangerine

Nothing seems to dampen your spirits no matter what, making Coral the perfect shade for you. You, like this shade tend to make people feel welcome and included. This bright and sunny shade is sure to keep up with your happiness. 

Capricorn - Mauve 

For the natural-born leader, a bold colour like Mauve is perfect. It makes you look put-together, disciplined, stable and an able person who can remain calm even in the most stressful situations. 

Aquarius - Beige 

The most foward-looking all the signs, you can go from being a dreamer to being rebellious. Since you itch for originality, nothing like a clean simple beige in the bright and colourful world to make you stand out and celebrate your individuality. 

Pisces - Fuchsia

You live in your own fantasy land and can be quite the day dreamer. Since you are extremely outgoing, the Fuchsia colour perfectly matches your personality and portrays that you are very easy to be around and have a chirpy personality.

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