Leo, Virgo, Libra: Zodiac signs and how they react in awkward situations

Horoscope 2019: Today’s listicle is based on every zodiac sign reacts in embarrassing and awkward situations
Leo, Virgo, Libra Horoscope 2019Leo, Virgo, Libra: Zodiac signs and how they react in awkward situations
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After spending a considerable amount of time on this planet, it is safe to say that there are some situations which we land ourselves in which can get pretty awkward. Yes, those, the ones where you don’t understand if you should say something or keep mum, or even worse, react. Our zodiac signs help us a lot in understanding one’s characteristics and traits. 

Today’s listicle is based on every zodiac sign reacts in embarrassing and awkward situations.   





Aries are confident and bold. They can tackle almost anything except for being in an awkward situation. Aries can really go off the hook if they find themselves in an uncomfortable situation. They can lose their temper easily and might break something in order to remove their frustration. 





Taurus are known for their calm and composed temperament. It is not like Taureans don’t feel awkward, it is just that they have a way of subtling changing the subject matter without anyone noticing it. They are also known for changing awkward situations into funny ones.





The dual behaviour sign, Geminis are the least happy when they find themselves caught in such situations. Geminis can either go down the angry way, wherein they lose their temper bad or take the whole situation in a joking manner in order to keep the moment light.





Cancers as we all know are emotional and over-sensitive. They usually make sure that they are off any awkward situation. However, no one can really be safe from such situations. Cancerians have a great knack for finding distractions almost immediately. You’d find them scrolling through their phone or checking their feed in such situations. 





No one hates it more than Leos on this list, however, given their amount of pride, they make sure that they show that the situation is under control. When in a situation like this, Leos usually turn to their humour to save the entire situation and get out of it. 





Virgos have a great sense of realisations and they have no qualms in accepting when things get awkward. Although they rarely find themselves in situations like these, but they have no issues in laughing on their own selves. You won’t see them getting angry, irritated or feeling uncomfortable in such situations.      





Libras are the kind and charming ones. Being in unnecessary awkward situations is not something that they look forward to or hope to get on their plate. They just avoid stretching the whole situation by just immediately leaving the place. 





Scorpios are too full of themselves to let anything affect their mood. Even if they’re dying because of the awkwardness created, they’d still play it cool. But whenever you’re dealing with a Scorpio, remember that they keep note of everything and they can get even with you in the near future. 





Sagittarians are extremely confident and super optimistic. They’re so good that you might not even feel that there is any situation which can create awkwardness for them. Infact, Sagis love to create awkward situations for people around them. 





Similar to that of Virgos, Capricorns have a tendency of laughing at their own-self whenever they are in an awkward situation. Given their calm and composed behaviour, nothing really gets them in trouble and they tackle it all too well. 





The most eccentric of them all. Aquarius can be put off even by the slightest of turn of events. They can get easily frustrated and irritated and there’s barely any way of dealing with it. 





Not very great in taking situations under control. Trust the Piscean to make things even worse by passing a comment in poor taste or a sadly crafted joke.

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Were the above listed traits in sync with your characteristics? Do comment below and let us know. 

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