Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus: The most REBELLIOUS zodiac signs based on your personality

Fighting against the norm, doing things other than what they are told and just standing up to things they believe in. Check out the rebels without a cause!
Libra, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus: The most REBELLIOUS zodiac signs based on your personalityLibra, Aquarius, Virgo, Taurus: The most REBELLIOUS zodiac signs based on your personality
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Personal rebellion can come in multiple different ways. Rebels are not just those who keep fighting for no reason at all, but can also be considered as a type of behaviour that people who want to stand up for themselves have. It can come in the form of subtlety that not many can notice. Here is how rebellious you are, based on your zodiac sign. 


You are constantly at war with other people. You Scorpio, are the true definition of Rebel Without A Cause. It is literally you against the world in every situation. You want to bring about the biggest of changes and think that you can achieve this only by being rebellious. 


You think being rebellious equals being independent. So when people suggest something to do together as a group, all you end up doing is the opposite of what they suggest. 


You are the one sign that is predictably rebellious. Everybody around you knows that to get what they want, they literally have to use reverse ppsychology. That way you get to be a total rebel for no reason and they get to have their way anyway. 


Your ego doesn't let you even question things. By default, you ignore authority, instructions and everything you want to. But this stems from a place of fear what if they are messing with your life because they think you can't say no, and end up hurting you?


Let's face it, you think people are shit. You believe that people are extremely uninformed and don't have a clue about what they are saying. Even though you might not say it, your expressions reveal that internally, you are screaming at the top of your mind because of the build up from not speaking up. Eventually you burst and let everything out. 


There is an internal struggle between both of your personalities. The rebel wants to pick a fight for everything while the peacemaker is always trying to internally reason with the rebel. Most times, the rebel manages to kick down the peacemaker, solving that internal conflict until next time. 


You are quite passive. Your idea for rebellion is making sure you get more cheese on your pizza or some other good cause like that. 


You have an exceptionally charming personality which usually helps you always get your way with people. This is why you don't even need to be a rebel. You just smile, say please, thank you and always mange to get your way. 


You are way too chill to be a rebel. You don't want to complicate things unnecessarily and be a jerk about things to people. You'd rather let things run smoothly and just let things carry on the way they are. 


Honestly, everybody knows that you'd rather laugh than yell. You'd rather just go with the flow than stir things up. If you want something done, you speak it outright rather than rebel against it. 


You are an old soul who realizes that life is too short to be bothered about rebelling against things. You love your peace and have a natural personality than can completely melt stone cold hearts, so you don't need to be rebellious. 


You are as sweet as sugar and honestly have too much going about in your own life than rebel against things when you can actually just sort things out peacefully. You love to go with the flow and just be, rather than be dramatic about things. 



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