Libra, Leo, Gemini: 4 Zodiac signs that are most compatible with Emma Watson

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Zodiac signs most compatible with Aries

Harry Potter famed Emma Watson is one of the most influential women who has been ranked amongst world’s highest-paid actresses and in 2015 she has been named in the 100 most influential women’s list. Emma got her fame initially from the Harry Potter series where she played the role of Hermione.

Emma Watson was born on 15 April, 1990 and she is an Aries personality. Aries people have a fiery personality with full of life and enthusiasm. They are risk takers, bold, courageous, life of the party and live in the moment. Their prime mantra for life is to try new and different things in life and take risks to gain innovative experiences. So, here are 4 zodiac signs that are most compatible with Emma Watson.


Leo is the fellow zodiac sign of Aries and both of them belong to fire element. They have lots of similarities in their personalities- bold, courageous, enthusiastic, intelligent, social etc. So, when they are together in a relationship, things are always on a great spark and they keep happy each other.


Again the fellow zodiac sign, Sagis are also full of life and enthusiasm who love to live in the moment keeping the tension about future behind. So, together Sagis and Aries people just explore new things, travel the world and meet new people. They create memories every now and then and keep the relationship lively.


Geminis from air sign easily get bored so they want new things in life to stay entertained always. And that’s why Aries people can complement them in a balanced way. Because they are unstoppable who are always planning for their next risks. And Geminis have a keep interest in knowing the unknown.


Librans are the air sign who are social, good conversationalist, intelligent, balancing, and sophisticated people. So, they keep a balance between leading a normal life and taking new risks always. As a result, Aries people learn where and how to stop.

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