Capricorn, Pisces, Libra: THESE are the most non-athletic zodiac signs

There are some people who love exercising and sports. While there are others, who consider doing household chores as exercise. Read below to find out which zodiac signs are non-athletic.
Capricorn, Pisces, Libra: THESE are the most non-athletic zodiac signs
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In this age of technology and the lifestyle that we are leading, exercising has become necessary. We should exercise not only to maintain our health but to reduce our stress and improve our stamina. Some people consider work out as a religion and do it daily without fail. While others consider workout as a task, and prefer doing it only if they feel like doing it.  Some people are born athletes, they love almost any sport and have a competitive spirit. They love working out daily, while others hate sports. Thanks to astrology, we can determine the non-athletic zodiac signs who don't have athletic ability and don't love sports. Read below to find out which zodiac signs dislike sports and prefer napping or walking instead.  




Pisces would prefer napping or walk around instead of doing a full-fledged workout. When it comes to Pisces, most of them don't even have gym clothes. The clothes most people would wear to the gym or dance class are the clothes they like to lounge, sleep, or do crafts in. They prefer being creative over being athletic. 




Geminis would love to be more athletic and will invest in gym clothes and even join the gym to get fit. But all this is temporary. Geminis get bored easily and once they stop enjoying the workout, they'll find excuses not to do it but will rationalise it. If they walked to get coffee or took the stairs at work, then they worked out.




If Capricorns plan to become more athletic, then they'll give their 100 per cent to it. The problem with them is they know that exercising is good for them, but it still feels like a chore to them. Capricorns will exercise to stay healthy, but they don't do physical activities for the joy of it. 




Librans promise themselves that they're going to work out more, and then somehow always get too busy to pursue their fitness goals. Librans do much better if they have a workout buddy or someone they can play racquetball or run with.




Taureans will exercise to eat the things they want to eat but not because they love it. When they exercise they like to look smart, so they spend more time putting an outfit together than actually going on a run or gym. They consider cleaning and household chores as calorie-burning and walking around the supermarket as working out.

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