Libra zodiac sign: Personality traits, compatibility & more

Are you a Libra? Here are some amazing traits of the Libra zodiac sign that we bet you didn't know about.

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Libra Zodiac Sign: Personality traits, compatibility & more
Libra Zodiac Sign: Personality traits, compatibility & more

Libra zodiac sign is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac and is an air sign. Libras are known for their friendliness, optimism, charm, wit, and well-balanced nature. The dates for Libra fall from September 22 to October 23. 

There are in total 12 astrological seasons that coincide with the 12 Zodiac signs. Libra season is all about conquering the dreams and introspecting. Here's everything about the Libra zodiac sign that you should know about. 

Libra zodiac sign: Astrological aspects

Libra period: 22nd September - 23rd October

Libra element: Air

Libra mode: Cardinal

Libra polarity: Positive

Libra's ruling planet: Venus

House ruled by Libra: Seventh

Libra symbol: The scales

Birthstone of Libra: Opal

The ruling planet of Libra

Venus is the ruling planet of the Libra zodiac sign. Venus is regarded as the Goddess of love. In astrology, it is known as the planet of romance, relationships, and love. It rules the two Zodiac signs: Libra and Taurus. Venus in Libra evokes love, affection, and creativity in Libras, and focuses on building harmony in relationships. 

As the ruling planet of Libra is Venus, they give in a lot of effort to make their partner happy. They also have a good taste in art and are quite aesthetic in nature. They have a desire to create something and see beauty in everything. 


Libra by its element

The element of Libra is Air and people with this ruling element are intellectuals, excellent orators, and highly logical. Their social and communication skills are terrific, but they don't always try to fit in. They are more logical than emotional and can come off as cold-hearted sometimes. That's not because their emotional quotient is low, but because they are not able to follow others' opinions and love to live life their way. Live and let live is their motto so they can come off as fickle, emotionally unavailable, and aloof. They love to live in their heads and talk about scientific and logical things. They hold high curiosity and want to know what's going around them. Just like air, they keep swaying from one thought to another, and no one can know what they are thinking about. They are quite picky about their friends and social circle and are likely to ghost you. But, don't fret over the fact that they can be aloof and emotionally detached, because once in love, they strive hard to make their loved one happy. 

Libra by its mode

The mode of Libra is Cardinal. Cardinal signs shine every season, and in the astrology world, Libra begins in spring and because of this, they are referred to as the trendsetters, leaders, and intellectuals. They are creative, outgoing, and self-motivated to create something of their own. 

All about Libra traits

Libra zodiac sign is the sign of harmony, peace, and relationship. 

Libra is the sign of harmony and relationship. The Sun in Libra is at the time of the Equinox, and this is the time when day equals night. This is the reason why Libras always seem perfectly balanced personalities and look for a balance between polarities. 

Libras are elegant, charming, harmonious, and have good taste. They have unconventional thoughts and want to provide justice to all. They don't like conflicts, can be a bit indecisive at times and will go out of their way to avoid a fight. 

They have a knack for everything artistic and love dedicating their time to a humanitarian cause. 

There is good and bad in everyone, so below are a few Libra personality traits one must know about. 


Positive traits of Libra

1. They love peace and harmony

Libras can be quite diplomatic which works great for them. They like peace and so they are tactful in their relationships. They don't say anything in haste, but carefully examine their words before speaking to avoid conflicts. Their logical and analytical nature helps them to find a common ground with the people around them. 

2. They are honest

Libras cannot stand wrong things and are quite fair-minded. They are passionate about standing up for the right thing and have a strong sense of justice. If they believe taking bribes is wrong, they will leave no stone unturned in making their voice heard that this particular activity is wrong. They also make sure that in group work, everyone gets heard, and adds value to the work given. 

Also, one of the most positive traits of the Libra zodiac sign is that they are honest with their work, friends, and everything else. 

3. They are highly optimistic

Libras are idealistic and optimistic and always look on the brighter side. They have the ability to see the good qualities in everyone and want positive things to happen to good-natured and hardworking people. Even in the worst situations, they don't lose hope and keep putting in their best efforts to succeed. Being friends with a Libra is always great because they will never leave your hand in stressful situations and motivate you to do better. 

4. They are excellent listeners

Air signs are considered highly intellectual because they love soaking up all the information that they get. Be it politics, geography, current affairs, movies, or anything, they will always have a bit of knowledge about everything. 

They tend to be great listeners, and this is one of the reasons why they are able to gather so much information about everything. So, if you have something to tell a Libra, don't worry at all because they will listen to whatever you have to say carefully and even lend you a piece of excellent advice if you are in a problem. 

5. They are great companions


Ruled by Venus, Librans are a great friend or a love partner to have. They are 100% committed to their relationships and make for a great companion. When they are in a relationship, all their efforts are invested into it to make it work. They pamper their life partner and shower them with all the love and care. 

6. Librans are witty

Libras crave intellectuality and their curiosity for knowing everything makes them gather a lot of knowledge. They are witty, hardworking, smart, creative, imaginative, and conversationalists. They are regarded as quick problem solvers and team workers. 

Negative traits of Librans

1. They are indecisive

While they are pretty witty and intelligent, they often spend hours making important decisions. As they always wish to strive for a balance between everything, they often have trouble committing to something. This can even cause them a lot of unnecessary stress when it isn't required. 

2. They can be manipulative

Librans love harmony and peace, and so they try to avoid conflict as much as possible. But, to do that, sometimes they might become too demanding and might even try to manipulate others to follow their decision. So, their urge to avoid conflicts can make them overbearing and manipulative at times, which in turn can even harm their relationships.

3. They can be aloof at times

Librans wear their emotions on sleeves, but at times they can easily detach themselves. They are known for being emotionally available only when it's necessary, and at other times, you might think they have a heart of a stone. If a person doesn't evoke emotions in them, they easily get distant. 

4. Librans are impatient

Libras and patience don't go hand in hand often. If they want to achieve something, they want quick results and won't rest until they make it happen. 

5. They may become procrastinators

When Librans start a task, they feel enthusiastic and determined to complete it, but with time, they might start becoming lazy. They don't admire conflicts and problems in their lives, which is why whenever they encounter a problem in a task, they avoid confronting it and start procrastinating. 


6. It is difficult for them to keep secrets

While it is true that Libras are excellent conversationalists, sometimes they might expose secrets to others which can malign their and others' image. They don't do this intentionally, but in the process of communicating, they might reveal something that they aren't supposed to say. 

7. They are self-pitying

It might be hard for Libran to accept that they have made a mistake, so they tend to indulge in self-pity. When the situation goes out of hand, they often look for support from other people and might end up blaming others. They find it difficult to believe that fault might lie within themselves which is a big turn-off for people around them. 

8. They can lie at times

Librans want to avoid conflict as much as they can, and in pursuit of doing so, they tend to lie sometimes. If you want a genuine opinion on something, you might not get an honest answer. This can make it difficult for people to trust Librans. 

Libras in love

Libras in love are just lovely. They are quite choosy about their partners, but once they choose, they love unconditionally. When in love, they shower their partner with care and affection. Also, they are very genuine and honest in their relationships. 

Libra friendship compatibility

Libras are great friends to have. They love exploring new things and are quite open-minded. Libra's friendship compatibility is great with Leo, Aquarius, Gemini, and Sagittarius. 

Libras in career

Because Librans despise politics and conflicts, they work best when left alone. They are great leaders and when given a chance, they leave no stone unturned in letting their creativity flow. They do really well at their jobs and are highly professional. 

Libra compatibility with other signs

Libra is an air sign and there are various facts about Libra zodiac sign that makes it more compatible/least compatible with other zodiac signs in astrology. 

Leo is a fire sign, and Libra is an air sign, but they can prove to be an excellent match if they work on their weaknesses together. They gel well with each other, have a deep understanding of one another, and balance each other out. 


Libra and Aries are the perfect examples of 'opposites attract each other.' Aries is a carefree sign, so Librans have fun with them. Likewise, Aries feel comfortable around Libra because of their non-judgmental attitude. They both support each other and are able to have loads of fun together. 

Virgo and Libra are a decent match. Virgo is an Earth sign, so they are practical and grounded. Both Virgos and Librans crave an intellectual bond, so as long as they are aware of the flaws and strengths of each other, they can form a beautiful relationship. Virgos can be really pushy and nagging at times which can disturb the carefree Libran. Virgo should not aim at perfection always while being with a Libra, and similarly, Libran should not feel attacked when a Virgo tells them to do something their way. 


When they find a common ground and communicate deeply with each other, they can form a bond that lasts forever. 

Scorpio will give Libra all the attention, affection, and love they want in a relationship, while Libra will bring discipline and positivity to a Scorpio's life. They balance out each other well so they make a decent match. 

Taurus and Libra can be a match made in heaven. Taurus is highly attracted to grace, wit, discipline, and beauty, all of which of these traits are present in Libra. Librans are known to be attracted to maturity, down-to-earth nature, hardworking, and strength, so they are naturally attracted to Taurus. All in all, they make an excellent match. 

Libra zodiac sign is really unconventional of the lot. They are humorous, witty, intelligent, and passionate. If you have a Libra as a friend, you should really feel lucky as they will always have your back. 

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What are Libras known for?
"Libras are known for their sense of humor, wit, intelligence, and hardworking nature. "

Do Libras and Virgos get along?
"Libra is an air sign, and Virgo is an Earth sign, but they get along really well. "

Are Libra and Taurus compatible?
"Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus, and are likely to be a great match if they plan on working on their strengths together. "

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