Looking for the best period products? Choose from Menstrual cup, Pads and Tampons

Women need to pick a period product as per their comfort. It’s important to know the products available in the market for those days when they bleed blood and hormones!

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Periods can be really harrowing for most women. This is why it’s important for us to chose a period product as per our comfort. We have a lot more options to pick from as compared to our mothers and grandmothers who barely had any access to pads. Today we have a variety of pads, tampons and menstrual cups to pick from.

Pads are the most commonly used period product. There are so many brands and a variety of pads to pick from. There are cotton ones and synthetic ones. There are scented pads and reusable pads. Pads made from eco-friendly materials and ultra-thin pads for more comfort. They also come in sizes ranging from regular to XXL size. Special pads to use at night and whatnot. But remember you should change your pad every 6 hours. Pads also have a tendency to cause a rash and hamper free movement.

That’s where tampons come in. We have gone from years of using one brand to multiple brand variety market now. It started with OB tampons and now there are other brands like sofy and bella and floh too. Earlier there was only one kind of tampon and now there are ones for heavy flow and regular flow. Sofy has tampons with applicators which make it much easier for women to wear a tampon. Especially the ones who are new to tampons or periods. Tampons cannot be worn for more than 8 hours. Doing so may cause TSS i.e., Toxic shock syndrome. It’s recommended that you don’t sleep with a tampon in.

Then there are menstrual cups. They are a very new and economical and eco-friendly period product. It’s a very new concept that most of us are still trying to grasp. There are brands like Sirona and SanNap and Everteen and more, that sell menstrual cup in small, medium and large size. They are silicone cups that are folded and inserted like tampons. They store the blood and you can drain it and reuse it. It has to be replaced once in 1-2 years. A pack of 10 tampons costs between Rs. 150 to Rs. 300 and a single menstrual cup costs between Rs. 250 to Rs. 500. Another important point to keep in mind while picking your period product is that you do not lose your virginity due to using tampons or menstrual cups. They do not rupture the hymen.


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