LOVE carrying bags? Here's what your bag says about your personality

When it comes to bags - one has multiple options to choose from. Apart from being a daily essential, our bags tend to speak a lot about our personality. Read further to understand what your bag speaks about you.
LOVE carrying bags? Here's what your bag says about your personalityLOVE carrying bags? Here's what your bag says about your personality
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Bags are not only act as an added essential, but they have become a part of our daily lives. All of us carry bags daily. It defines our style, distinguish us from others, and completes our outfit. The size and the type of bag differs from person to person, but the purpose remains the same. We carry our world in our bags, and it suddenly becomes the most precious thing we own. Be it a tote, a clutch, or a backpack- every bag serves its purpose. 


When we walk down the streets, we see people carrying different types of bags. But did you know that your bag speaks a lot about your personality? Yes, the bag that we carry says a lot about our personality. Here's what your bag says about your personality. 


Tote bags:


If you are a tote lover and prefer carrying it daily, then you are someone who loves to voice an opinion on everything that matters to you. You are an organizer who is not afraid to take risks, and you believe in taking a stand for your strong beliefs.


Cross-body bags:


You only carry essential stuff in your bag, which means that you are someone who believes that less is more. You care about your comfort and make sure that everything you need is there with you.




If you carry a sleek briefcase to work daily, then it means that you are super confident. You are modern, independent, and goal-oriented. You don't care about what people think or say about you.


Shoulder Bags:


If you are a sucker for cool shoulder bags, it means that you love to impress people with your fashion choices. You treat your bag as a status symbol and work hard to add a few more bags to your collection. You care about the utility of the bag, but you also care about the look of the bag.




If you solely carry a wallet, then trust me you are an idealist. You assume that a wallet is all you need. You're positive and upbeat. You are easy-going, and love being surrounded by people who share the same ideas as you.




You're adventurous, risk-taker, and bold. You love backpacks because comfort and style is your motto. You believe in healthy living, and just like your mind, your backpacks are clutter-free too.


So which type of backpack do you carry? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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