Lunar Eclipse 2022: Here’s how it will impact zodiac signs like Aries, Leo, Taurus

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a well-known astro-numerologist, provides some insight into how the lunar eclipse will affect the zodiac signs.

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Impact of lunar eclipse on zodiac signs
Lunar Eclipse 2022: Here’s how it will impact zodiac signs like Aries, Leo, Taurus
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Day of the Miracle – The first Chandra Grahan of 2022- Total Lunar Eclipse is on-16th May 2022. This Lunar eclipse is a total Lunar eclipse that will last for 3hour 25 minutes. This totality of the eclipse shall be visible across North and South America, plus parts of Europe and Africa. The Total Eclipse will begin at 7:58 a.m. IST on the 16th of May and will last till 11:58 According to the scientists, this lunar eclipse will last for 3 hours and 25 minutes.  

The overall impact and significance of this lunar eclipse has enhanced because of two primary reasons, says Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist as he’s offering us some insight.

  • This lunar eclipse was preceded by solar eclipse on April 30, 2022
  • This lunar eclipse is co existent with conjunction of Mars & Saturn; Jupiter, Venus & Neptune; Rahu & Uranus and Sun & Retrograde Mercury.
  • This lunar eclipse is co existent with Budh Purmina as well.

The above parameters have significantly enhanced the impact of lunar eclipse to the humankind and world at large. Considering the enhanced impact of lunar eclipse; although, the lunar eclipse will not be visible in India as the moon will be below the horizon, however, one can leverage this time to do infuse positivity of remedies in life considering its enhanced impact. The time of lunar eclipse can be used to meditate, cleaning of self-aura with binaural beats and/or mantra and chanting of mantras for infusing sense of peace and serenity in life. Let us peep into the impact of this lunar eclipse on each zodiac sign (based on ascendant).



This lunar eclipse may turn out to be lucky for you. The first thing would be resources for which more options will be available to you in the form of grants or scholarships for your work. You will have to be a little careful regarding the matters of money otherwise you shall have to bear losses. During this time, you will have to take care of your mother’s health. if you neglect something then it can lead to a bigger disaster. At an appropriate time resort to useful tests. You will require money but somehow try to manage it, and avoid taking a loan from someone. Control your emotions as an exaggeration of them may create a problem. A good time of profit for the businessmen. The people doing the job will get a promotion. The people who are thinking of going to a foreign for a job, their wishes will come true. If you are planning to invest then this is the best time to do so. There would be peace in the family.


The solar eclipse had brought challenges to your health and body. In the same way, this lunar eclipse will bring changes in your life. During the time of the lunar eclipse, you need to keep calm and try to avoid situations of conflict. There will be fights or major shifts in the case of partnerships. Don’t let negative thoughts come to your mind. Try to coordinate and balance influence in groups and organizations. There will be situations of confusion and you will not be able to make a decision. Be calm and face the situation.


A time for you to face challenges. These challenges will be brought due to the eclipses which will challenge your mental and physical health. In the last week, you would have been under the pressure of giving time to the endless work. Take this work as a challenge and don’t hesitate to take the support of your loved ones. It would be better to take support than to withdraw back and retire in isolation. Hard work done by you will surely pay you back. You will get good news in the case of money. Keep control of your anger. Avoid driving a vehicle. A journey will not be good for you. 



You will have a time of fun, pleasure, and creativity due to good times in your friend’s life or good time in the organization. Your career and public life will receive a boost. Your child’s health will be an area of concern. Either your child’s health will go down or due to some of their mischief, your problems will increase. You may have to spend money. The expenses will be high and against the income. You will have to spend your savings and this may lead to tension.


This lunar eclipse will prove to be lucky for you. There will be tensions due to work. So try to be calm and remain away from tension, arguments, and indecisiveness. You will have to go on an unplanned journey. Monetary gains would be there and a good time for appreciation from your boss for your work.  You will have good relations with your seniors. You will have a promotion. There will be chances that you will have areas to earn money. There will be a fight between the couples. You should not engage in any kind of argument with anyone. Keep a check on the family, relatives, and life at home. Good financial gains. Co-operate with your partner in work.


Be ready to embrace new philosophies and ways of thinking. But you will be surrounded by some unknown fear. Be careful against your competitors. There will be problems in your career and so you need to be alert in your work. You need to be calm and need to keep a check on your language as there can be arguments and fights at home. You need to take care of your health and remain alert.


Close all your unfinished business with whomsoever it is left. Be calm as your over-excitement can cause trouble. Believe someone is good but do not believe anyone beyond limits. Your blind trust in someone will give them a chance to take advantage of you. Need to be careful in the case of money. Please be awake and do not sign any deal with an unknown person. You will receive a small profit but that may lead to a bigger loss. Relationship with your life partner will improve. Be careful in speaking with your elder brother otherwise, this will lead to a fight with them.



This eclipse will bring changes to the life of your partner or your romantic life. There will be changes in your nature and your body. Don’t let negative thoughts come into your mind. Your relationship will shift towards fun and creativity. Be careful while spending money. Be calm and away from fights. Be calm with your partner and try to avoid fights and arguments. You need to take care of illness, injury, and exhaustion.


This lunar eclipse will prove beneficial for you. Chances can be seen in getting a good job. There will be an arrival of money from various sources. Unsolved matters will be solved. You may plan out some journey. You will receive full support from your friends. Be patient and take the decision carefully. Remain away from bad work. You may have to go to the court and your image will be spoiled. Be careful about your actions. Be calm and do your action patiently after thinking. Take the blessings of your mother.


During this lunar eclipse, you need to take special care as the head of your sign is Shani dev. Be very calm and don’t rush in the work of giving or taking money. There will be changes in you and your friend groups and organizations. Do every work after thinking. There are chances that situations of tensions may arise. Take care of your health, especially of headaches that will trouble you.


This lunar eclipse is going to affect your private, personal life on one end and your public career life on the other. You will be facing certain problems in searching for increasing new areas of earning. But shortly you will be experiencing great career shifts that may lead to developments. Be careful about cleanliness. Be patient. You had begun a search for a new home with your parents and that search will find an end now. Your siblings will acquire power and intelligence. 



This lunar eclipse is binging many changes in your behaviour and healthy attitude. Be ready to welcome these changes and adopt them with curiosity and positivity. There will arise the mental tension so you need to remain vigilant. Try to remain away from pride. You will be profited by helping people. Try to keep a balance of heart and mind.

In conclusion, these are overall impact and exact quantum of impact would be based on horoscope and current ongoing dasha.

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