Making a New Year Resolution? THIS is the only one you should be working on

Forget losing weight, being more social, travelling, etc. Let 2019 be all about YOU
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With the new year, comes new beginnings New opportunities, new ideas and a fresh new start. The new year also brings the dreaded resolutions. Losing weight, finding love, getting married, being a better person and so many more cliches! But this year, give those cliches a break and focus on one thing - yourself. This year, let your new year resolution be yourself. To love yourself more. To be kinder to yourself. To be your own true love. Because at the end of the day, you're all you've got!

Need some more reasons to make 2019 all about you? Here are 7!

Love yourself because life becomes easier when you accept what you have. You know your capabilities, strong and weak points and everything else in between. When you start to accept yourself, life becomes so much easier. 

How long will you go about wishing you had that perfect skin like your friend? Or hair like that actress you love? Or a body like those top models? It's about time you realise that what you are is enough. The way you are is enough. You need not impress anybody but yourself because you have come this far and worked hard to be what you presently are. 

It is important to love yourself and be yourself because people will come and go, but you will remain. 

It is not upto others to accept or love you. Others will always find things to criticise. They will throw flak about your hair, dressing, teeth, nails and everything else. It is upto you to love yourself and be there for yourself. 

You have been born in the skin you are. You have grown up in it and you will continue to live in it. So wear it comfortably. 

You have struggled and being through numerous challenges. The events you were part of, made you the strong and capable person you are. About time you feel proud of all of your achievements and applaud them, the way you do others. Be your own cheerleader!


And finally, if you don't love yourself, how can you expect anybody else to? 

Fall in love with yourself first, put yourself first and watch how everything else falls into place. It is not easy. It required a lot of focus and attention to stop criticising yourself, but if you don't start now, it will get too late. 

What are the other resolutions you are going to make for the next year? Share it with us in the comment section below. 

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