Meet the hottest real-life female murderers who committed the most deadly crimes

These women are undeniably beautiful but undeniably psychotic...
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Exaggerated depictions of some of the most brutal crimes and criminals via the digital medium have surely blurred the fine lines between facts and fiction. However, what is has done is evoke an interest in people like you and me, to know more about these horrific incidences and enjoy being creeped out by it. 

You would've noticed how people love to discuss gruesome stuff. Especially if you're hanging out in a big group with your buddies. If someone brings up Ted Bundy or Jack the Ripper - it's the perfect recipe for an intriguing conversation.  Serial killers are a hot topic and there's just no denying that. Though you might be freaked out by the brutal details, you want to know more. It may give you sleepless nights, but you want all the dirt. 

When I'd ask your version of what a serial killer or murderer looks like, your description is most likely to be a wide-eyed maniac, holding a knife or any weapon drenched in someone's blood. Right? Well, contrary to popular belief, sometimes the evilest criminal can look like a goddess - with the perfect hair, the perfect smile and the most beautiful eyes. 

Now I know that this image doesn't quite measure up with what most people expect from a cold-blooded murderer, but then again, life is never what we expect it to be. Giving into the macabre fascination that us humans have, today, we decided to morbidly delve into past records that show a rather different side of the stereotypical criminal. 

To begin with, they're all women and the cherry on the cake? They're all stunning women who look like anything but the quintessential psychopath. 

1.  Mindy Sangera

 A calm disposition and a stunning face, Mindy Sangera could easily be the girl next door, who your older brother has a huge crush on. The last thing that would ever cross your mind, would be that Mindy, is a cold-blooded murderer who is currently facing lifetime imprisonment for stabbing Sana Ali, the 23-year-old pregnant wife of her businessman lover, to death. 

2. Amanda Knox 

An American student, Knox was charged with brutal murder after her roommate Meredith Kercher was found dead earlier in 2007. Meredith's body was discovered with her throat mercilessly slashed, 19 year oldand according to reports, it was because she rejected Knox's request to indulge in some underhand sexual activity. 

3. Darlene Gentry 

Gorgeous Southern belle and former prom queen, Darlene was a regular girl, married to an electrician, had three children and a stable job as a nurse. Everything seemed as perfect as her beautiful silky blonde tresses, until one day, she shot her husband to death - with no apparent motive! To divert suspicion, Darlene herself called the police and complained that her husband was shot to death by some invaders. Once help arrived, it was noticed that 'Nurse Darlene' had made no attempt to save her spouse as he bled to death. 

4. Megan Martzen

Megan was the beautiful babysitter to a toddler in California. One day, the toddler suffered a 'blunt force trauma' on the head and abdomen, resulting in death. After months of investigation, Megan was found to be the one behind the horrific crime. 

5. Jodi Arias 

One of the most sensational murder cases of its time was the killing of motivational speaker Travis Alexander by his charming wife ,Jodi Arias. Alexander was found dead in 2008 and his girlfriend was accused of the bloody crime. The murder trial cooked up a storm back then, and as investigation escalated, explicit stories of the couple's sex life came to light, including Alexander's affairs with other women and Jodi's insane accounts of what lead to the gruesome killing.


6. Molly Jane Roe 

Probably the most bizarre story ever - Molly, a stunning dark haired, wide eyed woman, pleaded guilty to first degree murder in 2013, for ruthlessly raping and murdering her boyfriends 17 month little baby. 

7. Estibaliz Carranza

Dubbed as the 'Ice Cream Killer' , Carranza, a Spanish-Mexican ran an ice cream parlor and used that space to preserve the chopped up body pieces of her husband and lover. The husband was murdered in 2008, while her lover in 2010. During the trial, the physically alluring lady plead guilty to the murders and said that the reason was that both the men were bullies and too oppressive. Carranza married a third guy in prison in 2012 and even gave birth to a child in the premises. 


So one minute you say Jodi Arias is his wife, the next sentence shes his girlfriend?
Then the biggest thing you can say about it is Trent had affairs..... not she stabbed him 24 times in the shower.... took photos.... went to have sex with someone else.... THEN claim she was abused?

get your damn facts right, Amanda Knox was aquitted

Oooh the future ex mrs Bradley

Amanda Knox was acquitted, its not fair you put her on the list..

Exactly. Innocent until proven guilty, and she was proven to be innocent.

I loved them. They were SOOOOOOOOOO COOL.

They forgot Casey Anthony

they are ugly except Darlene


The one girl num 6 looks like a killer those eyes tho she look evil af

Number 3 is the hottest one looks like a real life barbie doll I'll admit I'd never thought that one would be a killer my dumb but would of told her come spend the night trying to get laid and probably ending up getting killed in my sleep what do you other men think about that scary isn't it scary for all of us unmarried men

1 is ok, I'd say she looks good on a dancefloor.
2 Knox, looks to have the innocent & naughty look, she can be both.
3 is not bad, likely hot teenager but too much fake and bottle blonde about her.
4 is very cute, really attractive face, she looks like your typical American high-school b***h who's in with the fun kids
5 is only ok, could be the picture tho and a chance she was a really hot teenager, not sure
6 nice pic, she looks wild and dangerous, eyes that say punches will be thrown before the sex
7 has the natural homely beautiful look, hot mother, hot daughter when young, hot aunt, she looks nice

Let's take your inventory.

Amanda Knox was innocent though.

Actually the one who killed her cheating boyfriend was innocent . That ass deserved it lol

i always thought elizabeth bathory was hot

I fancy 1 2 3 and 5.

Yall sleepin on 3

Weak!! , only cute one is no.3

Number 3 almost made me puke she so ugly dude.

no 3 is the ugliest

U like ugly chicks

They missed Mechele Linehan for sure.

I’m taking photos of these women and sending them to my guy friends asking thoughts? They’re reactions are funny when I tell them that these are cold blooded murderers

bro yo taste is bad fr do one on the hottest men i bet you would have like some ugly a** killer like atleast ahve richard ramirez bc he hella hot

Yess and Erik Menendez

Why are we so interested in crimes like these

these women are not beautiful

They are.. fysically speaking

Some of them are 100%


I've the chills

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