Mercury Retrograde: How every zodiac sign can stay afloat during the first retrograde of 2020

The first Mercury retrograde is here and here are all the ways you can stay afloat while Mercury moves in reverse!
Mercury Retrograde: How every zodiac sign can stay afloat during the first retrograde of 2020
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The first Mercury retrograde of 2020 is here! It began on February 16 and will end on March 9. This season is when Mercury either slows down or stops and even spins backward. Mercury is the planet that rules everything from travel to technology and communication. During the retrograde season, things can go upside down and muddle things. 

During this time, it is most important to take nothing at face value and not to rely on people while accepting the fact that you can't get a straight answer out of anybody you really want, until the middle of March! Here's how you can stay afloat this season based on your zodiac sign. 


Just don't believe everything you hear, Aries. This is an excellent time to restart an abandoned project to kill time when you aren't overthinking everything. 


You will reunite with old friends during this stage that will take you on a nostalgia trip. It is time to let bygones be bygones. This retrograde will have a positive effect on you, it seems like!


Take a step back from work to ensure you aren't too frustrated, Gemini. Instead, stay on manageable tasks or old projects rather than picking on new ones to work on to stay sane this season. 


Not like you can get too outspoken, but since this season is known to bring out the worst in people, think twice before making outspoken remarks. Before speaking, choose words wisely or you will bear the repercussions when you least expect it. 


Trad carefully and take this time to process the intense emotions you have been feeling. While an ex could return and ask for a do-over, think well about it before delving in and then proceed but with caution. 


You will feel old resentment arise at this time. Rather than lash out, talk it out diplomatically and pay keen attention to vital details in the job space that could have been missed. Instead, invest time in relationships that you know could be rewarding. 


You will find it hard to manage a bunch of things coming your way. Juggle with caution and prioritise, ask for help when you need it and avoid taking risks. Before making big decisions, ensure you are fully informed. 


This season, expect everything to be extra. The drama is going to hit you hard and we can't say we didn't warn you! It is best to just ignore those texts that agitate and frustrate you and pour all that energy into a project you are actually passionate about. 


Expect to be extremely moody and thick-skinned this season. Take time to declutter your house and watch your life fall perfectly into place. Once you have clarity, reunite with people you have been avoiding. 


The air will be musty but honest conversations with those closest to you will help get rid of any miscommunications that arise. You might also break your budget and spend like never before, so try to keep a check on expenses. 


Everybody will get under your skin this season. From your partner to your colleagues. This season, money could also slip through your fingers so make a budget. Use this time to spend time with yourself and strengthen your weaker spots. 


Don't over-share. Before you do, refine your ideas a little before you hit send on that text. It is also a good time to avoid any dramatic changes to your physical appearance and maybe get rid of those grudges you have been holding on to for so long. 

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