Mohabbatein: From Raj Aryan to Narayan Shankar, check out the characters of this film as zodiac signs

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Mohabbatein: From Raj Aryan to Narayan Shankar, check out the characters of this film as zodiac signs

Mohabbatein is a film that is a quintessential chick-flick. It is a story about a music teacher and a principal and how they both have different and contrasting personalities. The music teacher is free-spirited, outgoing and fun-loving while the principal is all about being disciplined and responsible.


They both lock horns when the music teacher falls in love with the principal’s daughter, who commits suicide when her father doesn’t agree to their love. What follows is the journey of the music teacher and how he convinces the principal to believe in love with the help of his 3 students, named Vicky, Sameer and Karan. 


We predicted the zodiac signs of these 5 characters of the film, based on their personality traits and attributes. 


Raj Aryan Malhotra


Free-spirited and bold, Raj Aryan Malhotra dares to join Gurukul as a music teacher despite knowing that teaching music is uncommon and next to impossible in Gurukul. The zodiac sign he most resembles is Sagittarius. Just like a Sagittarian, he isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind and doesn’t sugarcoat his words. 


Narayan Shankar


Narayan Shankar is a person who doesn't love. He is all about self-discipline. He is practical and realistic and doesn’t believe in feelings. Throughout the film, he is seen as someone who is feared due to his cold and unfriendly nature. The zodiac sign that he is most likely to belong to is Aries. 



Sameer is emotional, loving and caring. He falls hopelessly in love with Sanjana but is too shy to confess. The zodiac sign that he most resembles is Cancer. Just like a Cancerian, he is the kind of person who would turn the world upside down to make his loved ones happy.




Vicky is the quintessential “street smart guy”. He is outgoing, social and bold and is not afraid to put himself out there. He is most likely to belong to the zodiac sign Leo, as he loves being in the spotlight and doesn’t see or notice anyone other than himself.



Karan is shy, quiet and introverted. He has a lot of thoughts that cross his mind but he likes keeping them to himself. He is a simple guy who doesn’t have any hangups and who prefers being in the background. The zodiac sign that he most resembles is Scorpio.


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