Mother’s Day 2021: 4 BEST gifts to give your mother on this special day

International Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Shower your mother with the most thoughtful gifts to make her feel special and loved.
Mother's Day gifts Mother’s Day 2021: 4 BEST gifts to give your mother on this special day
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It is said, “God couldn’t be everywhere and so He created a mother”. Mothers are truly one of a kind. They have a selfless streak in them that enables them to wholeheartedly put the needs of their child forward and give endless love and affection to their child. They are caring, emotional and loving beings who we as children, can trust and confide in. 


A day dedicated to the wonderful mothers of the world is International Mother’s Day that falls on May 9 this year. So celebrate your mother on this day by showering her with the best and most useful gifts and let her know how much she means to you.

Love Notes Jar


Tell your mother how much you love her and remind her of the qualities that she possesses that makes her the best mother in the whole wide world. Write love notes for every single day and put them in a glass jar to give her the gift of love.


Aroma Candles


Every mother deserves a day off. Pamper your mother by giving her a gift set of aroma candles that will not only help her relax but will also give her a much-needed break from the daily hectic and monotonous routine. 

A Collage of Memories


Nothing is better than a personalised handmade gift for your mother that reminds her of the loving moments that you two have shared. Make a collage of some memorable pictures of you and your mother to gift her this Mother’s Day.


Manicure and Pedicure Kit


Surely every mother needs this! With the pandemic and the lockdown, your mother might not be able to go to the salon, but you can bring the salon home for her by giving her a manicure and pedicure kit to pamper those tired feet and hardworking hands.


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