Mother’s Day 2021: 7 Tips for mothers to celebrate themselves on THIS day and everyday

Updated on May 10, 2021 03:15 PM IST  |  213.2K
How can mothers pamper themselves
Mother’s Day 2021: 7 Tips for mothers to celebrate themselves on THIS day and everyday

Being a mother doesn’t come with a manual and it doesn’t get easy even if you have been at it for years. Yes, it is the most beautiful feeling but we can’t deny that mothers are overworked, exhausted and slowly it becomes their normal way of being. And the global pandemic caused by COVID 19 has even made their life tougher because they have to manage the whole family along with the anxiety and stress of this phase. So, Sanmati Sanyam, Chief Energy Officer at House of Healers, talks about how mothers can celebrate Mother’s Day today and every day. It’s all about appreciating their own effort, keeping a healthy balance in life, and prioritising their own needs. So, here are certain tips from the expert to do these.

Say NO

If you’re feeling tired and can’t do a task start saying no.


Ask For Help

Involve your husband and children in sharing the load at home. It not only reduces your burden but makes you feel supported and at the same time empowers your family to do things on their own.

Set Aside Some Time Daily For Yourself

You can use this time to read, listen to music, sing, meditate or whatever it is that you enjoy doing.


Staying healthy is also a crucial part. Doing physical and breathing exercises for at least 30 minutes a day can be a game-changer for your overall health, mood and energy levels.

Salt Baths

Not only does salt baths flush out used up energies from our system but leaves us feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Energy Healing Spa

It can be experienced in the comfort of your home. It balances the energy in one's aura and chakras and helps to release energies of stress, energies causing aches and pains. 30 minutes of this spa is a super healer of your health.


Take Time With Your Partner

It is important to have space and time for your relationship with your partner. Holding hands, hugging each other, remembering stories from the past, doing things together can be done anywhere. Just the act of looking at each other is enough to fill one with a deep sense of bliss.

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