Mother’s Day 2021: Here are some fun ways to spend Mother’s Day at home

The day to pamper your mother is almost here! So celebrate this Mother’s Day at home by taking inspiration from these fun and creative ideas below.
ways to spend Mother's Day at home Mother’s Day 2021: Here are some fun ways to spend Mother’s Day at home
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Mother's Day is a special occasion to cherish your mother, and if you have the good fortune to have a warm, caring relationship with your mother, you can use it to commemorate your special bond.


We are experiencing social isolation as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Mother's Day festivities do not have to be cancelled—we just need to change how we celebrate this Mother’s Day. On this Mother’s Day, all children should stay safe and happy. There can be no greater joy for a mother than seeing her kids happy. 

If you’re wondering how to celebrate Mother’s Day at home, here are some ideas to make sure your mom feels all the love.

Do a yoga or fitness class at home

If your mother enjoys working out, spending time together doing an indoor yoga or exercise class might be a perfect way to connect when doing something she enjoys this Mother's Day.

Breakfast in Bed

Start her day off right by serving her breakfast in bed. You can get up early to prepare a delicious homemade breakfast for your mother, choose what she wants and serve it in style - in bed - whether it's a traditional American breakfast or a desi-style breakfast.

Make cards for your mother

Mother's Day is an extra-special occasion to shower love to your mom by making cards of your own. You can make a floral bouquet card, handprint card, button flower card, pom-pom mother’s day card, finger heart print card etc.

Home Spa Day

A trip to the spa or a special spa day treatment for your mother is a classic Mother's Day gift. You can build the perfect in-home spa day for your mother. Simply grab her favourite nail polish colour and a fun face mask that both of you can use, and get ready for a relaxing day.

Bake her a cake

If baking is more your thing, you can make some tasty treats for Mother's Day, maybe even attempting an ambitious recipe for the first time.

Decorate your house

Mother's Day is the ideal time to show your mother how much she is appreciated. Remember how many wonderful birthday parties she gave you as a child? To show your mother how much she means to you and your family, decorate your home in exclusive, customised ways, or come up with cool ideas.

Throw a surprise party

On Mother's Day, you should throw a theme party and ask your family to dress up in costumes that match the theme. Keep a costume ready for your mother as well.

Give mom a day off

Truly she needs it. She deserves it. It’s been physically and mentally draining for moms to handle the house, kids and office work too for many.

Spend a day together watching movies

Spend the day at home by watching your mum’s favourite film. List some of her favourite ones; get a tub of popcorn and nachos and turn off the mobile.

About the author: Harpreet Suri is a Mom blogger at Momwearsprada

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