Motherhood: HERE's how you can raise a teenager by following these tips

Raising a teenager is equally difficult like raising a newborn. If you have a teenager, then here are some tips that can help you raise them efficiently while you also become their best friend.
Motherhood: HERE's how you can raise a teenager by following these tips
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Motherhood is joyous for sure, but it is challenging and overwhelming at the same time. Right from the time a child is born, we start worrying about his/her needs. Be it thinking about their education, food or future - a mother is the first one to think about all these things. While people usually think that raising a newborn is a task and mothers need to be good at that, it's quite the opposite. Mothers have to be more patient and careful when it comes to raising a teenager. 


A teenager has a lot of questions, curiosities and interests while growing up and making sure that the child has fun without compromising his values is something that every mother has to take care of. And thanks to technology, teens have become addicted to phones and the internet and cannot imagine their lives without it. But with the right approach and attitude, a mother can get through that phase as well. 


Read below to find out how to raise a teenager by being their best friend. 


Transparency is the key:


Parents are a child's first teacher and hence make sure that you teach your child things that you strongly believe in. If you want to teach them honesty, be transparent and accept your faults and mistakes in front of them. Encourage them to speak up and don't judge them for the mistakes they make. 


Allow them to explore:


Rules are good, but setting rigid rules do no good. Setting rigid rules can make the child stubborn, aggressive and rebellious in the future, so let them explore things. Allow them to make mistakes and learn from that. Give them space and ask questions in a friendly manner. It would make them receptive and understand you better.


Spend quality time with them:


Spending quality time with your children will help you to build a friendly equation with them. Take them out and engage in activities like cooking, gardening, cycling, swimming, etc. together. It would give you time to bond, hold essential conversations, and create memories that would last forever.


Listen to them instead of lecturing them:


Even if you disagree with them, give them a chance to keep their point forward. Listen to them patiently and then appreciate them for reaching out to you. Ask them the desired outcome they are expecting from the situation and guide them accordingly. Do not force your decision on them, this will make them act out. 


Build trust:


Build trust with your children from a young age so that they can share their deepest secrets and inhibitions with you without the fear of being judged or misunderstood, especially during teenage years.


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