Mother's Day 2020: 6 thoughtful activities to do with your mom during quarantine

Mother's day is right around the corner. Want to know how you can make your mom feel special at home? Then read on.
People,Mother's Day 2020Mother's Day 2020: 6 thoughtful activities to do with your mom during quarantine
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Mother's day is celebrated on 10th May every year. Although, this year COVID-19, lockdown and house confinement might hamper the plans that you had with your mother otherwise. But it's still no excuse to not try to make your mother feel special at home. So don't worry, we have you covered on activities you can do during the quarantine.

1. Make her a healthy breakfast in bed
Your mother probably won't remember it's mother's day. The best way to surprise her before the wishes and forwards about mother's day start flooding on her WhatsApp is to cook her breakfast in bed. Lookup for her favourite breakfast recipe and see how you can substitute some ingredients with other nutrient-rich ingredients to add the health quotient to her diet and cook a special breakfast for the both of you. Have breakfast, a cup of chai and gup-shup, be your mom's friend-cum-therapist talk to her and have a good start your mother's day.

2. Converse
We get that it is nearly impossible to have very deep, meaningful and heartfelt conversations with your mom every day after work. Your schedule is so tight it becomes pretty difficult to do so every day. But now that we are all quarantined, you can strike a meaningful conversation with your mother. Talk to her about her daily life, her early days or her problems. Also, tell her about your work, hardships and other problems that she will most definitely have a solution to. Elders are most likely to feel alone and thus that can fuel their anxiety and stress levels. Talking calms them and helps reduce anxiety.

3. Introduce them to the virtual world
Teach your mother on how to use various applications on her phones. You can also help her download some online games that she can play with friends or family. You can also arrange a virtual mother's day party with all her kitty party friends or her evening walk group and connect her to them during these hard times. This will help her let loose for a while and connect with her folks and unwind for a while since she can't go out because elders are at a much higher risk during Covid-19. Teach her all these operations and then watch her connect on a video call with her other relatives someday. She might also use it to check whether you've finished your food at work.

4. Get grooving
Make a playlist of some of the most groovy songs from your mother's era. Put on those songs and have a dance session with your mother. You can also sign up for an online Zumba class with your mother. This will help you dance, groove your body and at the same time help your body loosen up a little. Zumba helps improve your heart health, helps you destress, tones your entire body and also makes you happy. One session of Zumba can help you lose 500-800 calories without tiring you out much, so it's a win-win situation.

5. Be your mother's health/meditation buddy
While you have time, you can teach your mother some yoga exercises and do it with her not just on mother's day but every other day. With the use of applications available online you can also practice guided meditation with your mother. They're convenient, easy and quick to help you improve your daily exercise and meditation habits. You can also direct her towards eating healthier and staying hydrated. There are plenty of applications for one's health. Download that for your mother on her phone as well as your phone to track her health, the app will remind her to drink water/juices at intervals of time, track her sleep schedule and also give you a weekly or monthly health report. This will definitely make her feel special and cared for. 

6. Get her a medical check-up 
While we are in the middle of a crisis your mother must be scared about her health. You cannot and shouldn't compromise on your mother's health or delay anybody or medical check-ups. Sign up for it and get her a medical check-up at home. The medical practitioner will come home and take the necessary samples and update the results on your web portal. This makes your mom feel cared for because you're there for her throughout and you put so much thought into doing something so important for her. Besides, you can also buy her a thoughtful gift of new-age IoT healthcare devices that help in continuous monitoring without much trouble. Such devices help in keeping a regular look at mom’s health, making sure you know of incoming health deviation in advance. This will make your mom feel loved and cared for throughout the year!   

We'd only like to say that no matter what you do, even the smallest thing will brighten her day and make her feel special.

By Mr. Mudit Dandwate, Co-founder, Dozee. 

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