Mother's Day 2020: 7 clever gift ideas for your mom during lockdown

Mother's Day 2020 Gift Ideas: Due to lockdown we have fewer gift options and if you are confused about the same then read on as we have compiled a list for you.
Mother's Day 2020,mother's gift ideas Mother's Day 2020: 7 clever gift ideas for your mom during lockdown
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Mother's day is around the corner. The day celebrates motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.  However, this year the celebrations will be very different due to Coronavirus led lockdown. Because of social distancing and lockdown regulations, we cannot order or go out and buy gifts for our moms. All the retail shops, as well as e-commerce sites, are shut as supplies of non-essentials are not allowed now. And because of the current situation, we are left with very fewer options. Still, we can try our best to make it a fun and memorable day for her. 

To show how special she is, you don't need expensive gifts and experiences. Small things like making her breakfast, celebrating the day by watching her favourite movie and thanking her for being the best mother in the world will make the day fabulous just like any other mother's day we had and we will. Today we are sharing some cool and thoughtful gift ideas that are lockdown-friendly. Gift her these things and make this quarantine mother's day special for your mom. 

1. Bake a cake
Getting cake is kind of tough now considering the circumstances. However, you can prepare it by yourself. Baking a cake for loved ones is the most satisfying feeling. But again baking can be challenging in the lockdown as well, however, thanks to many influencers and home chefs, they have been sharing simple to bake and 2-3 ingredient-based cakes. If you cannot make a huge cake, then you can go for mug cakes. Below are the recipes for some simple cake and mug cakes you can have a look.

2. Prepare her favorite meals
You must have noticed that even in lockdown moms are still busy with household chores and meal preparations. So, give her a full day rest while you handle the chores and meals of the day. You can give a perfect start to mother's day by preparing her favorite breakfast. Then you can also prepare lunch and dinner for her with the help of other family members. 

3. Chocolates and note
Chocolates and DIY greeting card can never go wrong as a gift. As grocery and general stores are open you can buy chocolates for her. In the note, you can write a few lines, poems, or anything that you would like to share with her. 

4. Streaming or reading app service subscription
Who does not like to binge-watch movies and shows on OTT platforms, especially now amid lockdown? 
You can gift your mom the subscription of a streaming site that has content as per her taste. Once you do, teach her the basics and then you can stream a new movie or a TV series together. If she is a reader then there are Reading subscription services, you can subscribe to any one of them for ebooks and audiobooks. 

5. Make a special video
You can make a special video by using photos and videos of your mom which showcases different phases of her life. You can also add videos of her friends and other family members and relatives talking about her.  I am sure she would like this video and messages from distant friends and family and it will give her a pleasant surprise. 

6. Online courses 
There are several online courses available on the net and the same could be a great gift. Right from photography to gardening to cooking, there is a wide variety to choose from. And depending on her interest you can select anyone and get started. Also, if she is not well versed with tech, teach her the basics and introduce her to social media apps and sites. She will enjoy discovering new things for sure.

7. Relive old memories
On Mother's day take out all the old photo albums and go through them with your mommy. Indulge in fun and nostalgic talk while you browse wedding albums, family trip and birthday celebration albums and school photos that documented your childhood among others.

What are your views on the same? Do you know more Mother's day gift ideas? Then do mention them in the comment section below.

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thank you for your amazing ideas . You have a very creative mind !

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thank you for your amazing gift ideas

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Thx for the ideas I have been looking for the perfect gift for my mom

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there are good ideas but can come up with something more

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Its good to have families because this is where you find comfort .