Must have accessories if you own a laptop

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Must have accessories if you own a laptop
Must have accessories if you own a laptop

The Internet has become a necessity of life. In the contemporary era, you can't survive without owning a smart device and a powerful data connection. Be it a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, you need to take good care of it and use it wisely. Now you can increase their lifeline with the help of a few accessories. Want to figure out easy peasy ways to take good care of your laptop while using it? We bring to you some must have accessories that can create magic in your everyday work life.

1. Portable Laptop Holder

Holders and desks are mandatory to ensure your sitting position does not lead to severe health issues. This portable laptop holder is an aluminum laptop riser. It is convenient to use and designed for all sorts of comfort while working. It promotes heat dissipation and productivity. With 7 height adjustments, this holder is a must-have. 


Price: Rs. 1999

Deal: Rs. 1299

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2. Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover Pouch

Laptops are like babies. You need to take utmost care everyday. This Laptop Bag Sleeve Case Cover Pouch is a type of clothing that you need to buy for your laptop. It has a slim profile with four layered protective material. It is extremely useful to protect your laptop from scratches and bumps. 


Price: Rs. 999

Deal: Rs. 499

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3.Silicone Keyboard Protector Skin

Keyboard is the most delicate part of the laptop. Without it, it is dead. On the other hand, the keyboard buttons are difficult to clean. Therefore, you need to own this Silicone Keyboard Protector Skin to keep wears and tears at bay. 


Price: Rs. 399

Deal: Rs. 75

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4. Laptop Screen Guard, Keyboard Protector and Skin

If you want your laptop to be safe from all sorts of cracks and scratches, then you should apply this additional laptop skin upon it. This skin is appropriate for rough and tough use of a laptop. This pack of three contains a laptop screen guard, keyboard protector and a laptop skin. You can apply and remove these without leaving any gum or residue. 


Price: Rs. 499

Deal: Rs. 367

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5. Mobile Phone Holder Side Mount Clip

Call yourself a multi tasker post the purchase of this Mobile Phone Holder Side Mount Clip. This mobile phone holder is meant to be attached beside your laptop screen at the same eye level. You can be completely hands free and yet keep an eye on your mobile phone. This clip is small, effective, portable, foldable and space saving.


Price: Rs. 1499

Deal: Rs. 595

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Own a laptop? Pick all these must have accessories and work in a troublesome manner. Protect your laptop’s health in the most convenient way and work with ease. Now you can ensure 100 percent safety and longevity of your laptop in a pocket friendly way.


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