#MyQuarantineStory: Pinkvilla's employee: I am an ambivert so it is not tough for me to adapt isolation

#MyQuarantineStory: Pinkvilla writers and other employees, who are working from home, are sharing their quarantine stories. Read on to know one of the stories.
People,Coronavirus,My quarantine story#MyQuarantineStory: Pinkvilla's employee: I am an ambivert so it is not tough for me to adapt isolation
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The novel coronavirus is the biggest topic right now in the world and how to tackle is a major issue at our hands. Self-quarantine is the need of the hour to thwart the spread of COVID-19. And keeping the same in mind, PM Narendra Modi also imposed a 3-week lockdown in India. Till 14 April, people of India cannot leave their homes unless it is very urgent. The move has been incorporated to flatten the curve of COVID-19. After leaning many were upset as staying at home can be a task too for some. There was a panic as well as lockdown is a frightening word. 

People have been taking to social media apps to share their stories, to do challenges, what all they have been doing or will do in these quarantined days. In a bid to share some quarantine stories with our readers we have started a series called #MyQuarantineStory. With the same, our readers can learn how Pinkvilla employees are spending their time during the self-isolation period. Bhavna Agarwal and Kannagi Desai have already shared their stories. Today, another Pinkvilla employee is sharing her quarantine tale: 

Check out the story by one of the Pinkvilla employees Kritika Sharma right below:

Kritika shared, "Quarantine! When it all began and our office gave us work from home for an indefinite period of time, most of us celebrated the feeling of working from our own comfort zone. While many of us enjoyed it too in the beginning, it started getting monotonous as days passed by. Thankfully, I am an ambivert and my social life is limited to a few people, so it wasn't tough for me to adapt to this uncertain isolation. Since my maid is on a leave too, it leaves me with a lot of work in hand as well. For a lazy bone like mine, adapting to doing all the chores by myself did help a lot in getting the much needed physical movement. But I strongly believe it isn't enough."

"Routine cannot be declined because once we stop controlling ourselves and keep ourselves disciplined, it would become tough to bounce back when it all gets over. Therefore, I decided to keep it easy but timely. I start my day with a huge mug of coffee with an hour of music and reading while I look at almost empty roads through my window. Once it's officially a good morning and I am over with all the binge-watching and carb eating from late last night, I take out time to finish some of the house chores and cook myself a healthy meal because keeping up my immunity is as important as keeping my surroundings sanitized. We have stopped ordering food from restaurants and every object that comes from the grocery store is first sanitized and then moved to the kitchen."

She added, "Once the work shift begins, I hardly get to know where the day goes by. But with all the time that we save by not commuting to work is now a window of opportunity to learn new things. So, I have begun a few online courses to learn new skills. For example - How to write a fiction novel? Well, you never know how long we are in quarantine and it could just be worth a story, right? Amidst all the usual stuff, I make sure to work out, stretch myself and do some cardio activities an hour a day and this bit is most important for people who have anxiety issues. This is the only way we can up our endorphins and serotonin levels while being at home and we mustn't miss it if we wish to get through it as sanely as ever. For those who are away from home and confined in a small apartment like me, working out, keeping yourself busy in interesting things and not letting monotony hit you is the biggest challenge. While work is still keeping us busy, we should make sure to make the most out of this time as positively as we can."

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