National Technology Day 2017 - 5 gadgets we're addicted to

Life without these gadgets is hard to imagine...

Updated on May 12, 2017 09:44 PM IST  |  1.2M
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Today is observed as National Technology day, a celebration that originally began on the 11th of May 1999, in honour of India's technological advancements. 

Before we go into talking about the gadgets we're addicted to, let's have a brief look at the actual reason why this day is celebrated.

The 11th of May is an important date for Indians because of a number of reasons. First and the most noted one being - On 11th May 1998, India had tested three nuclear bombs for the defense team in Pokhran, Rajasthan. Two days later, on the 13th, two more nuclear bombs were tested in the same place. This gave India the opportunity to declare itself as a 'full fledged nuclear state', making India the sixth country to join the other world class nuclear powered countries. 

The other significant happening on the 11th of May 1998, was that Hansa, India’s first designed and produced at home aircraft, was tested on this day in Bangalore. The aircraft was a two-seater aviator plane meant for flight training.  

Moving on to today's modern day and age, and coming to how our generation is addicted to their gadgets, on National Technology Day, we've listed 5 gadgets that  that we're sure most people can't live without. Take a look and let us know which is your favourite... 

1. Cell phone. 


Nowadays, when we hear a loud crackling noise, we hope and pray it's a bone in our bodies, rather than the dreadful drop or cracking of our cell phones. The ultimate gadget that we just can't seem to take our hands off - Whether is taking selfies or editing those selfies, scrolling through social media or 'snapping' till our batteries drain out, our phone addiction is definitely a serious one! 

2. Laptops/iPads


Be it a laptop or an iPad, we're highly addicted to it, and when we aren't using our phones, it's this. Accessing emails, watching soaps and serials and making those ever so important PPT's, life without this gadget would be so inconvinient, wouldn't it? 

3. Coffee Machines 


Ever since coffee started to become something 'cool' and coffee drinking caught on as a trend, coffee machines have been in demand like no other. For those who work in corporate offices, you'f probably relate to this one - the day just isn't complete until you frequent the coffee machine at least thrice. We might complain about how the coffee sucks, but the addiction is hard to break! 

4.  iPod 


iPods were a thing a few years ago, but to my surprise, they're still around and are still quite the addiction. Everybody loves listening to music - while your working out or cooking, at work or at the mall, I've always noticed people plugged in and shaking their heads to the beats. 

5. Charger 


Now how can you run all these gadgets without  a charger? Since we're addicted to all of the above, we need them to constantly have charge and hence, comes the dependency of the charger. Have you ever freaked out when you misplace it or when you leave it back home by mistake? If yes, you're just like us, my friend. 


Let us know which of these gadgets you're addicted to! Comment in the box below... 

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