New Normal: How to stop your kids from touching their face frequently?

Kids will touch their face many times which should be stopped right now. According to the new normal rules, we should avoid touching our face frequently. So, here’s what parents can do to prevent this.
New Normal: How to stop your kids from touching their face frequently?
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The new normal, caused by COVID-19, has changed hygiene norms. Wearing a face mask, frequent hand-washing, maintaining social distance are some of the examples of norms that are part of the new-normal group. 


One of them is avoiding to touch your face frequently, which is quite tough to maintain sometimes, especially, for kids. They will touch their face at any time and that needs to be stopped. So, parents should make them understand why it’s important to not touch your face frequently. 


Tips to stop your kids from touching your face. 


Use of tissues

Provide your kids with tissue in their hand for runny-nose or to cover the face while itching an area. This way their hands won’t come to direct contact with the face skin. 

Keep their hands busy with something

Keep their hands busy with something like fidget spinners or fidget cubes to prevent them from touching. They will be focused on that thing. 


Keep hair out of the face

Strands of hair disturb a lot on their face for which they tend to touch their face frequently to move the hair away or push it at the back of the ear. So, trim short hair and tie long hair properly to avoid this problem. 


Maintaining basic hygiene

Raise awareness in your kids and keep them informed about the new normal norms. Tell them to maintain 6 feet distance from a person who is coughing or sneezing, wear mask mandatorily while going out and wash their hands with soap and sanitise it properly.


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