Nifty tips to get along with your new brother in law

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Nifty tips to get along with your new brother in law

While it may be awkward for you to have a new brother through marriage, your brother-in-law probably feels just as weird having to consider you a sister suddenly. Nevertheless, it would be wise to appreciate the fact that your spouse has had a long-standing relationship with his sibling that has been built over years together. Therefore, it is critical that you spend time getting to know him better so you may bond over mutual interests. You can use these tips to establish a firm friendship with your brother-in-law.

  1. Don't get jealous

It does feel divine to be at the centre of your spouse’s attention. However, you must know that the sibling relationship is an important bond and the two probably care for each other a great deal, having spent the best and worst of their childhood together! Hence, you must not feel jealous when your husband prioritises his brother, lends him money or runs errands to help him along.

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  1. Ask him about his childhood

One of the easiest ways to get to know your new siblings would be to show interest in your husband’s life and childhood. This could naturally lead to conversations of childhood mischief your spouse committed in cahoots with your brother-in-law. It is great way to get better acquainted with his family. It will also create a scenario where his brother confides in you about childhood pranks and secrets that could bring you closer.

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  1. Avoid getting too close

Siblings are very close to each other. So, you may find that a public spat with your husband might certainly affect your friendship with his brother. You must never get too close to your spouse’s siblings as you cannot expect them to take your side when you confide in them about any trouble in your marriage.

Building a great friendship takes time. However, showing genuine interest in anything from food your brother-in-law likes, to music you both like or hobbies he may have would always be well received.

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