Numerology Prediction for April 2022: Astro numerologist reveals what's in store for you based on your name

Astro numerologist, Sidhharrth S Kumaar, reveals what's in store for you based on your name.

Updated on Apr 01, 2022 02:03 PM IST  |  495.8K
Numerology Prediction for April 2022: Astro numerologist reveals what's in store for you based on your name
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We are just four months into the new year, and the world is witnessing so much already. April 2022 is a very special month as per zero numerology, considering all 9 planets will be changing their zodiac signs during this month. The month is also very special from another perspective that few key planets (For e.g., Mars & Saturn) will be with each other in very close proximity and this will eventually lead to many changes to the world at large. 

Now, we have Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist offering us some insight into April. He says that the tip for this month for each one is, have patience and hold on your nerves and do not act in haste. Before relying on any information, give it a second thought with a cool and calm mind. 

Now, let us look into the fortune of everyone based on their first letter of name: 


Number 1 (If your name starts from A, I, J, Q and Y)

Huge profits for entrepreneurs, promotions for people working in jobs, and appreciation for government servants - April seems to be a successful month for this number as far as career is concerned. 

Avoid speculation or investment in shares. It's an excellent time to sell or purchase land or property. Sudden windfall gain will help you in writing off debts and loans. 

Mind your speech as it could lead to trouble. Students will achieve effective learning and academic success. 

Lack of attention may cause minor accidents. Lack of rest may cause problems with the eyes, stomach, and chest. 

Number 2 (If your name starts from B, K and R)

Artists will have an opportunity to have access to a broader audience. Professionals are likely to receive bonuses, promotions, or salary increments. Job seekers will get stable jobs. Entrepreneurs will get an excellent opportunity to turn a big idea into a lucrative project. 

Those planning to purchase property will have a fruitful deal. Keep a check on your budget as expenses will rise. Avoid involvement in market shares. 

Bonds will be strengthened with loved ones; conflicts will intensify with parents. Couples will have their issues resolved. Working too much will cause knee issues.

Number 3 (If your name starts from C, G, L and S)

While artists will be rewarded and applauded at large, entrepreneurs will have opportunities for collaborations. Freelancers will have tremendous success, and communication gaps may lead to conflicts between colleagues. Resist quick rich money schemes. A fresh infusion of cash will help write off debts, and investing in mutual funds will get good results. 

The bond between siblings will strengthen. Students will show good academic performance. 

Those recovering from a disease will have a swift recovery. Focus on self-care. 


Number 4 (If your name starts from D, M and T)

Artists will incorporate new ideas and will have access to more comprehensive clients. Avoid new startups. A job offer with good pay will come across, or a bonus/salary increment will arrive on your way. Entrepreneurs will have rich gains from ongoing projects. Freelancers will be successful. Recovery of past dues will lead to a remarkable rise in the reserves. Market share investments will result in profits. Spouse will support you in savings. Investment in government bonds will yield benefits.

Travelling will give you a break from a monotonous routine. Blood-related ailments might cause problems. 

Number 5 (If your name starts from E, H, N and X)

While entrepreneurs will get new projects, a high-paying job may come up for job seekers. On the other hand, freelancers will expand their services. 

Investing in government bonds and funds will stabilize your financial position. There will be a sudden flow of income from commission, dividend, and royalties. Avoid taking any money guarantees.

Singles will have a promising prospect. Resentments and differences with siblings will fade away. Students will stay committed to their goals and will achieve good results. 

Muscular pains and aches might happen. 

Number 6 (If your name starts from U, V and W)

A raise or promotion might be offered at the workplace. Avoid rushing into major decisions like collaborations and partnerships. Entrepreneurs will be able to attain rising positions. For freelancers, a big idea will profitably shape them. Job seekers will be able to have a high pay job, and gains from market share investments will bring in rich profits. 

Postpone any significant legal moves, as the results will not be favorable. Be wary of making any impulsive or big financial gambles or speculations. Couples will think twice to avoid rushing into confrontations. Students will perform satisfactorily in their exams. Unhealthy eateries will bring stomach or seasonal flues to the surface. Yoga will help in getting rid of anxiety.

Number 7 (If your name starts from O and Z)

Creative ventures will result in huge gains. Co-workers will applaud and appreciate you. Resist the temptation from making any substantial financial leaps. Expect big cheques through royalties, commission, or dividends. Entering market shares will result in economic instability.

Pause any major splurges, as expenses will increase.

Students will enroll in higher education, and couples may have conflicts. Regular exercises and eating clean will keep heart and blood pressure issues under check. 


Number 8 (If your name starts from F and P)

This is the month of victories and opportunities. People waiting for promotions and bonuses will get lucky, freelancers will find a new project. And those who invest in the market will bring benefits in their shares. Past dues will find their way to your wallet, and sudden profits will strengthen your financial position.

Bold romantic moves will yield promising results to singles. Control the urge to lash out impulsively when entering into discussions with parents.

Those ailing from recurring ailments will experience a swift recovery. 

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