Numerology Prediction For December 2022: What's in store for you based on your name

Here is a numerology forecast from renowned astrologer Sidhharrth S. Kumaar for the month of December.

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Numerology Prediction For December 2022
Numerology Prediction For December 2022

We are just a month away from entering a brand new year. Difficult to comprehend… isn't it? It is said, "All's well that ends well". Given that, are you prepared to give a happy ending to the rollercoaster ride that 2022 was?

As we approach the year-end, we are geared up to meet our deadlines before the holidays by working around the clock, tracking our progress, and re-strategizing our business plans, career decisions, finances, and fitness regime. 

With so much on our plates, a little help from Numerology can enable us to give a rightful ending to the year before we welcome 2023. 

Based on NPS (Numerology Positioning System), KPS (Karm Positioning System), and zero numerology, here is a sneak peek into what the month of December holds for your career, finances, health, and relationships.

Number 1 (If the first letter of your name is A, I, J, Q, or Y)

Career-wise, December is going to be the best month of the year for you. Lucrative projects, promotions, and pay-hikes will make for a satisfying year-end. However, be wary of co-workers' jealousy to prevent them from hazarding your trade growth. 

A great financial month awaits you this December with cash flow from multiple sources of income entering your bank accounts. On the contrary, investing in the share market will fetch disappointing returns.

Mutual friends and online dating websites will play cupid for the singles. Couples are advised to have patience and empathy to save their relationship from long-term damage. Differences with children will worsen.

Don't wait for the new year for a fitness resolution. Instead, include meditation, yoga, and sound therapy to get relief from mental and physical health issues. Those suffering from heart health problems need to get regular check-ups. 

Number 2 (If the first letter of your name is B, K, or R)

The second half of the month will provide you with a competitive advantage over competitors. Thus, make sure to play your cards right. Job-seekers will bag profitable offers. While great collaborations will come your way, don't forget to analyze the terms and conditions before finalizing a deal. 

Profits from passive income streams, previous investments, and real estate deals will keep your pockets full. Legal proceedings, if any, will be in your favor. 

Singles will deal with their past trauma and commence to find a desirable partner. For couples, arguments and jealousy will take their relationship downhill. Embracing an empathetic approach will be helpful to clear differences with children. 

Your child's or spouse's health can be one of the reasons to add to your deteriorated mental health. Make meditation and yoga practice essential in your family's daily routine. Heart and stomach ailments might trouble some.

Numerology Prediction For December 2022

Number 3 (If the first letter of your name is C, G, L, or S)

Business owners and entrepreneurs keen on taking calculated risks will be successful this month. While working professionals will struggle with increasing workload, job-seekers will get lucky with satisfactory opportunities. 

Both lending and borrowing money will put you in undesirable circumstances. Returns from mutual funds will surprise you. As it's the year-end, having a financial plan in hand will be advantageous.

For singles, love will be in the air! Couples will spend a harmonious month. Minor conflicts will be dealt with understanding and patience. Women will feel worn out and like to spend some time resting or doing self-care activities. 

Trying to finish pending tasks before the holidays will drive you to burnout. Finding time for physical workouts and breathing exercises will help you reconnect and refresh. 

Number 4 (If the first letter of your name is D, M, or T)

Start-up owners will establish their names in the top market. Working professionals will get much-needed appreciation and promotion. Exceptional job opportunities will fall in the lap of job-seekers.  

At the month-end, raging expenses will become the reason for declining mental health. Yet, savings and profits from mutual funds and real estate deals will ease the tension. 

After spending years in pursuit of their one true love, singles will finally find their most compatible partner. The love life of couples will take a romantic turn. Your relationship with friends and family will strengthen. 

Finally, you will attain relief from chronic illnesses. Avoiding processed foods and replacing them with fresh fruits and green vegetables will leave your heart healthy and your skin glowing.

Number 5 (If the first letter of your name is E, H, N, or X)

Product and service launches will burn your pockets due to the need for proper market research and appropriate strategies. For working professionals, workplace conflicts may slow down performance. While companies around the world are laying off employees, people with this number will bag their dream jobs. 

Investing in the share market will amount to a massive loss. Showing carelessness with real estate will further drain your riches. With debts, pending payments, and excessive expenses, it will be a stressful financial month. 

The month will make the parents beam with joy as their relationship with their children will finally start to take a positive turn. Singles will be bombarded with choices. Couples will attract complications and fights. Healthy communication is the key to recovery from this phase. 

With the onset of December, you might struggle with stomach issues. More than your own health, you will be concerned about your family's well-being.

Numerology Prediction For December 2022

Number 6 (If the first letter of your name is U, V, or W)

While business owners will be able to gain a competitive edge over their competitors, their product or service launches should be based on extensive research and not mere guesses. Employees will be awarded leadership positions. Coming out of your comfort zone will bring you closer to your dream job. 

As it's the last month of the year, you will engage in mindless spending which will empty your savings. Avoid lending money as you will have a tough time retrieving it. 

Dear singles, there are chances that a close friend will end up being the love of your life. Those in a long-term relationship will make efforts to reignite passion. This month will be spent merrily with family and close friends. 

Avoid extreme diets in the hopes of overnight fitness. Instead, prepare yourself for a sustainable fitness regime for overall improved health. 

Number 7 (If the first letter of your name is O or Z) 

For people with this number, launching new products will not be fruitful this December. Staying away from workplace conflicts will assist you in the process of bagging leadership roles. Ignoring the terms and conditions before accepting an offer can bring job-seekers disappointment and confusion. 

Gear up for a highly profitable month with tremendous profits from real estate deals, funds, and market shares. You will attract riches this month. Yet, it is advised to manage your expenses responsibly. 

The determination to make it to the end with love and patience will heal long-term relationships. Those looking for suitable romantic partners will meet new people. You will make efforts to reconnect with your dear ones.  

If you are suffering from spine and chest issues, book regular appointments with a trusted medical expert. You will feel invigorated with new energy to work on your wellness routine. 

Number 8 (If the first letter of your name is F or P)

Entrepreneurs will expand their market and gain opportunities like never before. Dedication and hard work will help working professionals relish guidance and support from their seniors. Job-seekers are advised to keep looking for convenient jobs. 

Lavish buys will empty your bank accounts and leave you frustrated. Credit card bills and pending invoices will contribute to the stressful situation. All the while, cash flow from multiple sources of income will tempt you to spend more. 

It's likely that you will fall in love with a co-worker or a friend. For those who are committed, a little gratitude, empathy, and healthy communication will go a long way. 

Eye ailments or insomnia can avert you from having a good night's sleep. Yet, with breathing exercises and a healthy diet, your mental and physical health will flourish.

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