Numerology Prediction For November 2022: What's in store for you based on your name

Here is a numerology forecast from renowned astrologer Sidhharrth S. Kumaar for the month of November.

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Read on to find out
Read on to find out

As November is knocking on our doors, we are preparing to get back to work after a month of festivities and celebrations. It is also the 11th month of the year. This means that only two months are left before we enter a new year. It's time for us to do some self-analysis, track the progress of the last ten months, and collect our best weapons to plan for the year ahead. To stay on top of our game in 2023, one needs to make the best out of the last two months. And yes, it demands no mistakes. Based on principles of ‘zero numerology’, the impact of the upcoming year starts showing its effects and results around 45 days before its actual arrival. The month of November becomes more important as we will be witnessing a lunar eclipse in November which is following a solar eclipse (within 2 weeks times).
Also, the transits of key planets happening or expected to happen by January 23, indicates a time period of self-realization and awareness. Keeping that in mind, it's wise to have an idea of what the future holds. Read below to know how the month of November is going to be for you financially, personally, and health-wise based on Numerology Positioning System (NPS), Karm Positioning System (KPS) and zero numerology.

Number 1 (If the first letter of your name is A, I, J, Q, or Y) 

Get ready to experience growth and promotion in your respective careers this month. November is going to be full of expansion, satisfying workload, and public appreciation. Before saying yes to a new job, polish your skill set by advancing your expertise and counting your options. As we approach the year-end, pending payments and credit card bills will likely give you sleepless nights. However, your financial issues will be solved by the end of the month with support from unexpected cash flow and help from your spouse. November will be a rollercoaster month for your relationships. While singles will finally find their true love, disagreements between couples will reach their climax. 

Finally, you will get relief from diseases troubling you for a long time. Also, don't forget to sweat it out to drive away stress, frustration, and dooming productivity.

Number 2 (If the first letter of your name is B, K, or R)

A difficult month for start-ups awaits as unforeseen hindrances will hinder their journey. For working professionals and freelancers, it will be a satisfactory 30 days. While devoted employees will get hikes for their credibility, freelancers will see their bank balance growing with supplementary gigs. November will slip away without any major financial issues. It is a risky month for investing in the share market but real estate will be fruitful. Utilize this time for constructive financial planning. Double-check the company policies and existing results before signing up for loans. 

Couples will experience a transformative phase as either their feelings of adoration or bitterness towards their partner will be evoked. If you are single, someone from a different background will win your heart. Students will do well in competitive examinations. The minor health conditions you keep overlooking have the potential to turn into chronic illnesses. To keep yourself fit, get regular health check-ups, work out and choose a healthy diet.

Numerology Prediction

Number 3 (If the first letter of your name is C, G, L, or S)

Entrepreneurs will level up their revenue with new product launches and entering into international markets. Artists will get their bags full of sponsors to feed their artistic projects. Those looking for their dream job will finally be successful in their pursuit. There will be a steep rise in your finances. Investing in market share investments will bring profit your way. On the other hand, taking loans will put you in trouble. 


In November, singles will get risky in their approach and couples need to be calm while dealing with relationship problems. Academically, students will do well. Seek support, love, and guidance from siblings. You need to be careful with your health as there are chances of getting injured. Weak immunity may upset you with seasonal flu. It's time to rest your body with good sleep and yoga.

Number 4 (If the first letter of your name is D, M, or T)

For entrepreneurs, the month will fetch new beginnings and milestones. Working professionals will find recognition in their workplaces. Freelancers will update their skills to close high-paying deals. Finally, job hunters will receive their offer letters. Your account balance will be at its prime with both real estate and market share investments working in your favor. Still, don't spend extravagantly as unexpected expenses are likely to shock you. 

November will be a turbulent month for your relationships. You will get into fights with your spouse. Staying composed and avoiding anger will help you deal with the situation. Tension will erupt with father figures. Including easy modes of workout, a healthy diet and meditation in your daily routine will ease health issues.

Number 5 (If the first letter of your name is E, H, N, or X)

Start-up owners will struggle with a clash of opinions with business partners. However, their new ventures will be successful. Freelancers and working professionals will have an upper hand over their rivals. Jealousy and frustration can materialize between coworkers. As legal matters will work out in your favor this month, take the time to reconsider and plan for the future. In November, investing in the share market will result in a loss. As always, be sure before investing in tempting schemes and applying for loans. 

The love life of singles will finally flourish. Couples need to deal with codependency in their relationship. Return your friend's favors by showing up for them. Include heart-healthy foods in your diet to regulate heart health. Also, keep your digestion in check with regular physical activity and breathing exercises.

Numerology Prediction

Number 6 (If the first letter of your name is U, V, or W)

Beware, competitors! As people of this number are going to defeat you in the entrepreneurial game this November. Those who applied for promotion will hear a piece of good news soon. Freelancers and job seekers will gain great work opportunities. Long-forgotten bills will be the reason for your headaches. Fortunately, legal matters will work out in your favor. Avoid taking any loans if possible.


This November, your relationship with your children will be mended. Those who are single will see a shocking yet real picture of their infatuation. Your partner will be made aware of your past relationships (if any). Take special care of your partner's and child's health as they are prone to fall sick. Include healthy food choices to keep your digestive issues away.

Number 7 (If the first letter of your name is O or Z) 

Working professionals will be recognized for submitting their work before the deadline. Freelancers will enjoy a number of inbound leads. However, November will make entrepreneurs suffer with unanticipated delays. The month is great for buying properties. Indulging in legal matters is going to be disadvantageous. The entire month will allow stable income sources if not signed up for loans. 

Parents will enjoy a stable relationship with their children, with conflicts diminishing between the two. Those who are single will be flooded with proposals. Students will have difficulty focusing on their studies. Refrain from following intensely strenuous physical activities. Instead, listen to your body and try easy exercises like brisk walking, yoga, and Zumba.

Number 8 (If the first letter of your name is F or P) 

With job hunters bagging high-paying jobs, entrepreneurs teaming with gifted partners and employees working strategically towards a promotion, November will be a highly profitable month for people with this number. Profits will accumulate from multiple sources of income. Most of your pending payments and loans will get cleared. Benefits from fiscal schemes will multiply. 

Singles will finally share some good news about their love life. Students will complete most of their syllabus. Couples should not let their work life affect their relationship. Yoga, meditation, and Om chanting will help you to deal with frustration and stress-induced health conditions. 


Some DIY Tips for Everyone 

Save your cash and recreate your emergency funds in a form that can be accessed anytime.

Practice Gratitude in daily life to channelize your positive energy in routine life. 

Devote some time to volunteering for a social cause.

Do not ignore any issue and seek expert insights proactively.

Keep chanting the mantra of your Isht and Kul Devi/Kul Devta on a regular basis.

Align your aura energy with the cosmic energy of the universe by leveraging these and give your life new wings of opportunities and achievements.


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