Numerology Prediction For October 2022: Astro numerologist reveals what's in store for you based on your name

As October approaches, the festivities knock our doorsteps, and the celebrations await.

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October is a month of “self-introspection”
Read on to find out

As October approaches, the festivities knock on our doorsteps, and the celebrations await. However, the festivals can also be a little heavy on our minds and pockets. So besides feeling the joy in and out, we also feel a little overwhelmed sometimes. October is a month of “self-introspection” and “self-introspection” to reflect on things done in the past 9 months and plan for the coming quarter and new year in advance. This year, Diwali is also in the month of October, hence the significance of the month has doubled. Like we clean our houses, this is the month to do a self-cleansing of aura from energies and transform self into a positive magnet of abundance. A comprehensive and detailed assessment of all transits happening in the month of October, this is time to be extra cautious and vigil. The coming quarter will keep law enforcement agencies on their toes owing to challenges from natural disasters (such as earthquakes, floods, snowfalls, fire accidents) and manmade disasters (such as terrorist attacks, war and/or riots).

One needs to be extremely cautious about what one speaks emotions as emotional outbursts may create problems in personal and professional life. Now let us peep into what October has to offer to us based on NPS (Numerology Positioning System) and KPS (Karm Positioning System), and zero numerology, which are proprietary research of Sidhharrth, and it helps individuals in planning the time proactively and gaining big each time, says Sidhharrth S Kumaar, a celebrated Astro numerologist.

Number 1 (If your name starts from A, I, J, Q and Y)

For the people of this number, October will be a very successful month career-wise. Job seekers will have a good network and will get the desired job. If you are in marketing, experimentation will be your key to productivity.

This month looks promising for both freelancers and entrepreneurs. New launches or startups will generate high revenue. Be ready to receive an incremental boost at your workplace!

Being a little savvy this month will be beneficial financially. Government schemes will yield financial gains. Refrain from taking loans for financial pleasures. Real estate investments will be profitable.

If we talk about love, it seems to be a great month. While singles will find a good match, happiness will be back in your most cherished relationship. Also, couples will try different ways to strengthen their bond.

Numerology Prediction For October 2022

Number 2 (If your name starts from B, K and R)

This month will be full of opportunities for the people of this number, whether it is hefty profits for the entrepreneurs or promotions and pay hikes for employees. Freelancers will receive a strong footing in their profession. Professionals will receive a lot of recognition for their work.

Financially, it is advised to lay your hands on deals which are profitable. Real estate deals will bring good cash flow. Profits from unexpected sources will help in clearing debts.

Personally, couples will take their relationship to the next level.

Health-wise, muscular pain and aches will persist. Sleep-related disorders will cause trouble.

Number 3 (If your name starts from C, G, L and S)

People who were craving success, this is their time. Career-wise, this will be a period full of growth. Entrepreneurs, especially those in the metal industry will be able to get a good financial deal. Be ready to receive promotions. Marketing professionals would use their expertise to get lucrative deals.

Financially, previous investments would yield good gains. Judgements in court proceedings will be favourable. Avoid participating in government-backed financial schemes.

Couples need to be careful as someone might try to draw a wedge between you and your spouse. Students will be on the oath of great achievement and success.

Health-wise, those suffering from some chronic illness will have respite.

Number 4 (If your name starts from D, M and T)

This month will be very fruitful for marketing professionals. There will be much scope for art and your talent will reach the masses if you are an artist. Freelancers will be able to attract good investors.

You'll invest for your future financial security. You'll have a lucrative financial offer. Profits from previous fiscal schemes will flow in. Avoid participating in false real estate offers.

Personally, relationships will improve. Tensions with children, if any, will ease. Singles are likely to receive a prospective match.

Numerology Prediction For October 2022

Number 5 (If your name starts from E, H, N and X)

This month is very positive career-wise. Artists will gain fame for their talent. New launches by entrepreneurs will be successful. Job seekers will add new skills to diversify their job prospects. However, startups or newly started businesses will abruptly come to a halt.

Financially, real estate deals and market share investments will be profitable. Gains and profits will flow in from the spouse.

Personally, students appearing for competitive exams will have success. Abrupt travelling will bring difficulties.

Health-wise, you need to focus on self-care. This month, you need to change your lifestyle for healthy living.

Number 6 (If your name starts from U, V and W)

This month will be a transforming one career-wise. Conflicts are likely to happen between colleagues. Freelancers will be successful in transforming good opportunities into thriving ventures. Entrepreneurs will be successful.

Your bill might go overboard. Legal matters will work out to be in your favour. Real estate schemes will help in diversifying portfolios.

Personally, those appearing for examinations will be successful. Couples will have strong feelings for each other.

Health-wise, blood-related ailments or seasonal flues might happen. Regular morning walks and meditation is recommended for reducing stress.

Number 7 (If your name starts from O and Z)

Entrepreneurs will be successful this month. Those working in the government sector will receive appreciation. Freelancers will have a bumpy ride this month. Artists' creations will bring creative and financial satisfaction.

Financially, refrain from getting into quick rich schemes or speculations. A large sum of money is likely to flow in from previous acquisitions. Real estate deals will be lucrative.

Personally, you need to be careful as tensions with children and family members might happen. Singles are likely to attract a good prospective match. Students will have improved academic performance.

Numerology Prediction For October 2022

Number 8 (If your name starts from F and P)

Career-wise, people of this number will have victory against rivals. Entrepreneurs will have profits. Artists will get the opportunity to market their expertise. Professionals will be very productive.

Financially, government-backed schemes will be profitable, but market share investments will not be profitable. Court judgements will rule in your favour. Lavish purchases will lead to unmanageable expenses.

For couples, work stress will ruin relationships. Unresolved issues might make things worse. Travelling will be a relaxing experience this month.

Health-wise, refrain from eating acidic

foods like sugar, wheat and dairy. Those suffering from any chest, throat or spine issues will have relief.

DIY Tips For Abundance
Attract positivity and abundance around you by leveraging essential oils and perfumes around you and your home. Also, one can meditate daily on combined music of 88 Hz and 8 Hz for 19 mins daily.

Happy October Ahead!

Disclaimer: These are indicative in nature and your life is determined by complete name, date of birth and current dasha

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