Occult Scientist Dr Kajal Mugrai sheds light on the effects of our thoughts on health

Updated on Jun 24, 2021 06:25 PM IST  |  141.3K
Effects of our thoughts on health

Human mind cannot remain blank. Every day several thoughts come into our mind and they are both positive and negative. These thoughts are triggered by our emotions and feelings. When continuously we think of something and are not able to express our feelings, they make a memory cell or space in our body and often turned out to be chronic pains or illnesses. So, Dr Kajal Mugrai, Occult Scientist, talks about how our thoughts affect our health.

Chakras and Aura in our body

Pains that don't have any underlined medical cause has been termed as Psychosomatic pains by today's medical researchers. Our body is made up of energy. And thoughts and emotions are also a form of energy. We have energy centers in our body which is called chakras. There is a magnetic field around our body, which in spiritual language is known as Aura and there are meridians which circulate energy in our body to keep us going. You can consider it just like veins circulating blood in our body or nerves which passes current or carries signal throughout our body.

How negative thoughts affect our mind?

So, these energies centers and meridians get polluted by our negative thoughts. When we continuously think about something negative it gets settled in our subconscious mind and that energy is stored in our physical body thus causing unusual pain, uneasiness or anxiety. A person is not able to differentiate the reason of the pain. Not all the pains are psychosomatic but 80 percent are.

Health issues for bad thoughts

Now let’s see some examples. Fears reside in knees and stop a person from moving forward. Spinal issues are caused due to the feeling of lack of support. If a person feels burdened, he is likely to develop cervical pains. Negative thoughts and emotions can even attract diseases like cancer.

How to cope with it?

So be positive, cultivate good thoughts, make positive affirmations and if needed, don't hesitate to take help of a Physiotherapist or a Spiritual Healer.

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