Painting to playing games: 6 kids and how they are coping with Coronavirus lockdown

We spoke to the parents of a few kids to understand how they spend their time at home, cope and live during the Covid - 19 lockdown in India.

Updated on Apr 03, 2020 10:05 AM IST  |  1.1M
Painting to playing games: 6 kids and how they are coping with Coronavirus lockdown
Painting to playing games: 6 kids and how they are coping with Coronavirus lockdown
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The one thing on everybody's mind today is the coronavirus. The disease has affected countries across the globe such as India, Italy, the United States, England, Spain, France and more. As the number of diagnosed people keeps increasing, many of these countries have issued lockdowns, India being one of them. While working professionals have taken to work from their homes, schools and other institutions are shut until April 14th. 

At a time like this, keeping young minds an energetic bodies occupied is not an easy task. While many have taken to help their parents out with chores at home, Pinkvilla talks to some parents on how they manage to keep their kids occupied, create a routine and help them get through the day while being productive at the same time. 

For Namiah Jawed Ansari, a 13-year-old from Mumbai, her day starts off with helping her mom clean her house! "The day begins at 10 am when she helps her mom clean. Post that, breakfast and bath after which she helps her mom prepare lunch," her father, Jawed Iqbal Ansari says. "After that she starts working on the sketches that she is very fond of drawing. Mostly half the day goes by in drawing those sketches. In between she looks at videos on her cell, and watches Gossip Girl, her favourite Netflix series and plays carrom," he adds about his daughter's day. 

(A sketch by Namiah)

Aarunyaa Manoj, a 9-year-old form Delhi also has a similar pattern. Her mother Smrithi Manoj says, "Ours was the worst - the Delhi its forced schools to shut down early and was followed by the lockdown due to the pandemic. Aarunyaa suddenly had a lot of time to kill. Besides playing Ludo with her dad and watching her favourite cartoon movies on Netflix, she loves to draw and paint. She also helps me in cooking while I am busy juggling between chores and office responsibility from home."


5-year-old Ahana Fernandes does what every kid loves to do during holidays - wake up late! "Ahana likes waking up late these days since it's no school. Though she’s at home, she doesn’t let anything compromise her Physical Health. So after she freshens-up she exercises for about 15 to 20 minutes and then chills and relaxes for a while and has breakfast. Then it is some writing time like Hindi and Maths," her father Savio Emmanuel Fernandes talks in detail about her schedule. "Post writing it is playtime - either Lego or some puzzles. She prefers having lunch at around 1.30 pm and has an interesting afternoon with a bit of either painting, drawing, colouring or craft activity. Around 5 pm it is music time for Ahana and then she even helps her mom in the kitchen for sometime. Post dinner at 8 she reads a few pages from her favourite book, a short prayer and going to bed by 11 pm."


While girls love keeping themselves occupied with painting, drawing and reading, for boys it a little more difficult to manage without getting bored! "He loves playing games at home. He gets bored at times but manages to read books," reveals Uma Hiremath, mother of 9-year-old Neel Gurushant Hiremath. "Neel has a special love for his guns and has a collection of around 10 of them. He keeps himself busy playing with them. Also, since I am at home he expects me to make some yummy food."


Vedanti and Vedashree Jitendra Joshi, 15 and 7-year-old sisters seem to have their quarantine time figured out. "They wake up at 9 am and get ready and have breakfast. Vedanti sketches a few things and Vedashree solves puzzles. After lunch Vedanti plays guitar for 2 hours and Vedashree reads stories and writes essays. In the evening the whole family exercises together," their mother Priya Joshi reveals about their schedule. "Before dinner we play board games together. After dinner we watch a movie. Vedanti and Vedashree also make new recipes and help me in household work."


We love how kids are keeping themselves occupied with multiple tasks other than being glued to television sets while at home. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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