Pandemic Positivity: 4 BEST ways to drive away those pandemic blues

Is the pandemic making you feel dull and anxious? Then try these sure shot ways to brighten your mood and instantly uplift your spirits.
 Pandemic Positivity: Here’s the best way to cheer yourself up on a dull day Pandemic Positivity: Here’s the best way to cheer yourself up on a dull day
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Being locked indoors with zilch social interaction and lots of work thanks to remote jobs and online classes can lead to pandemic blues! You feel as if someone has pushed the pause button on life itself and the fun and enjoyment has been sucked out of it! At such times, instead of feeling miserable and anxious, it is always better to take charge of the situation.


Don’t let yourself drown in self-pity and lose interest in daily activities, but instead, cheer yourself up by doing things you love every now and then. From learning a new skill to online shopping, here are some best ways to lift up your spirits to beat the pandemic blues.


Pampering session


Feeling blue? Then indulge yourself by taking a relaxing scented-candle-and-wine-included bubble bath or by giving yourself a manicure and pedicure at home! There is nothing better than pampering yourself to drive away those pandemic blues!

Online shopping


Since you aren’t really going out you sure must be saving tons of money that you used to spend earlier on shopping, commuting and restaurants. Utilise that money to shop online and buy something quirky to brighten your mood.


Listen to your favourite songs


Music has the power to instantly uplift your mood. Listen to peppy, feel-good songs or songs that help you unwind and relax to lift up your spirits and change your dull mood into a happy one.

Join an online course


This will not only help you in interacting with people but will also help you in acquiring a new skill. Be it a hobby course or a professional one, enrol yourself in it to productively occupy your time and energy.


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